Member Spotlight: Martin Bembenek

Posted by · September 29, 2015 2:23 pm

Martin Bembenek - Profile PhotoMartin Bembenek, a seasoned entrepreneur of over 23 years, got his start by chance at university while studying business economics. He landed a job developing small applications. This initial job soon ultimately became the spark that ignited the creation of Logic Systems – his project management consulting company.

One of his first clients was a local bank that needed to migrate their records and forms from an analog filing system to a digital Windows-based system.

“When we first arrived, they had a writing system that looked like a washing machine! Our team had to transfer documents that were installed on this old system to a new Windows PC. There were a few thousand forms all stored on huge diskettes, and we migrated them to real documents. This was how I got my start in document management.”

Now, Martin establishes project management systems for clients using SharePoint and MS Project Server. In many cases, his company works closely with a client for months, sometimes years, to fine tune products and get them running at top efficiency.

Finding Inspiration on Experts Exchange

Martin stumbled across Experts Exchange in 2003, 10 years after starting Logic Systems. He quickly discovered the abundance of real-world experts that contribute helpful, quality answers. As a result, he was soon inspired to become a member.

Being a contributor in the Experts Exchange community has motivated him to try new approaches in his work and to pursue more knowledge across diverse technologies.

“This is a big effect, usually you can find the questions elsewhere online, but the other sources and forums have a lot of nonsense. On Experts Exchange, the question is the catalyst for learning. Everyone learns because members dig into the problem and do real research. The asker is guided through solving the issue, but ultimately they have to do the work themselves. It makes everyone better and more knowledgeable in their fields.”

From Digital World to the Old World

Being self-employed has allowed Martin to travel to interesting places around the world. While he loved New York when he visited in 2001, his favorite places are small old world cities and villages, especially in southern Germany.

Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the IT world is an escape for Martin. Visiting cities from the 16th and 17th century allows him to soak up the charm of his surroundings, and enjoy the silence that’s often so rare in our busy lives.

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