Experts Exchange Unveils New Features, Updates */?> Experts Exchange Unveils New Features, Updates

Posted by · May 31, 2017 2:48 pm

The Experts Exchange tEEm is always working hard behind the scenes to create tools, products, and updates that will offer an exceptional user experience within our community. So it’s only fitting that May’s flowers came with several new and exciting Experts Exchange updates. Be sure to check them out!

  1. Post is a new feature that will expand our community-driven platform from question-and-answer style communications to include social sharing opportunities. Conversation and interactions on site can revolve around critical issues of the day, tech information found online, and topical discussions. Members can follow users or topics and their feed will instantly populate with the most relevant and timely information.
  2. Users can now also share ideas using Post on mobile devices, thanks to an update on the Experts Exchange app. The revised functionality includes a new layout and the ability to comment on– and endorse–Posts. Go to your device’s app store to download the latest version of this app!
  3. With the release of Anonymous Questions, members can seek guidance outside of their realm of expertise without the question linking back to their company or personal profile. These questions are also inaccessible to search engines and cannot be seen by logged out users. By masking identities, users are protected as they explore solutions for projects they’d before have to work on alone due to proprietary or classified reasons.
  4. To show off our tech-loving, quirky side at Experts Exchange, we have joined the Instagram world. We are excited to begin using this platform to engage with our community, introduce more people to our techy group and in-house experts, and share more behind the scenes photos and videos so you can get to know the community behind our online community. Check out our page and follow us to learn more about the people who drive this organization to expert heights!