An Experts Exchange Exclusive Report: VMware and Virtualization

Posted by · August 22, 2017 7:00 am

Ever wonder where you can go to explore the latest in cloud infrastructure and chat with like-minded individuals about the ways virtualization is revolutionizing the corporate world? Well, wonder no longer! This month, tech users and professionals from all over the world will be gathering in Las Vegas for VMworld. This conference is built for those who work in digital technology and cloud infrastructure to provide continued education, sessions with experts, and opportunities for building skills.

Experts Exchange is sending members of our team to this event to soak in knowledge and get a glimpse of what we can expect in the virtual industry in the coming year. Out of curiosity, we looked into VMware and Virtualization discussions on experts-exchange.com. As we imagined, our members are interested in these topics and have a lot of insight to share.

To dive a bit deeper into the interest, we pulled an in-depth report on traffic, questions, saved searches, keywords, and top pieces of content. We then took this information and compiled it into a great piece for our team members to share with other conference attendees.

But we didn’t want to keep it from those of you who can’t attend VMworld. So we’ve made it available online. Simply click the link below to download this business intelligence report to see how Experts Exchange members engage with VMware and virtualization products and how the community works together to provide solutions in this area of technology.

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