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Posted by · October 28, 2014 9:24 am

Providing Increased Support for the Passionate Volunteers on Experts Exchange

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., October 28, 2014 – Experts Exchange announced the expansion of its Community Management team. This expansion is the latest of several measures that the online community has initiated this year to provide more support for its loyal volunteers and members.

Experts Exchange, the world’s #1 online network of technology professionals since 1996, has had a long history of self-moderation. The community’s passionate volunteers have managed authors, guided contributors, and recruited and supported members in the network since the company’s inception.

“The dedication of our volunteers has always allowed the community to run itself,” noted Brian Clausen, Experts Exchange CEO. “That has not changed. Our volunteers continue to be the driving force behind the community’s development, working directly with both members and Experts Exchange staff to determine strategy. The goal of the new Community Management team is to help them succeed.”

Expert Exchange’s Community Management team now includes Vice President of Product & Community, Brad Rubin, and Community Manager, Melanie Spatola. These two key hires, and their growing team, will provide centralized support for members and volunteers, such as moderators, page editors, and topic advisers. They will work to strengthen the content on site, and ensure healthy and productive interactions.

In addition to the Community Management team, Experts Exchange also deployed a Product Advisory Committee earlier this year. The committee consists of nine prominent members that collaborate on the ideation and specification of new features.

“The Product Advisory Committee serves as the voice of the community in regards to feature development,” added Brad Rubin. “They ensure that our product road map aligns with what the community wants.”

Selected based on community involvement, the Product Advisory Committee’s feedback has been a critical resource to the company since its creation in January of this year.

“In our competitive online market, we are not serving technology professionals if we are not providing on-demand, up-to-date resources and swift, skilled assistance with ever-changing technologies. The Product Advisory Committee and Community Management team ensure that our service always meets the needs of our members.”

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