Experts Exchange Launches Online VMware Community

Posted by · July 16, 2015 2:30 pm

Calling all VMware professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners alike: it’s time to fast-track your knowledge with the new Experts Exchange VMware Community.

We’ve aggregated high-quality VMware content from our site and across the web to bring all levels of professionals everything they want in one easily accessible place.

Experts Exchange hosts one of the strongest VMware communities on any technology site, and it made sense for us to to take it one step further and create a hub for all-things VMware. We scanned the web and didn’t find anything like it, so we made it ourselves.

Explore the Experts Exchange VMware Community

The site includes the 29,000 solutions, articles, and video tutorials featured on Experts Exchange and written by some of the most knowledgeable vExperts in the industry. Our new community hub gives both novice users and experienced professionals the opportunity to learn from these experts and get a taste of the benefits that our users enjoy every day.

Additionally, we’ll be featuring breaking news stories, how-to articles, official VMware postings, event listings, and much more from sites that professionals love the most. The site is curated to meet our quality standards, helping you find the information you need to master the intricacies of VMware. Sources include:

  •       Online news outlets including ZDNet and Computerworld
  •       Popular blogs like VirtuallyGhetto and Yellow Bricks
  •       Official VMware corporate and community blogs
  •       …and more

Your hub for all things VMware

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, we hope you’ll consider this community your new online VMware home. Ask questions, read breaking content, learn about upcoming patches, and network with other professionals and vExperts to grow your career.

Visit the new Experts Exchange VMware Community today.


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