Experts Exchange Meets Up in Atlanta, Heads to Chicago

Posted by · November 2, 2011 8:50 pm

Last week, Experts Exchange content manager Jenn Prentice and Asterisk and Consulting Guru DrDamnit hosted a networking event on behalf of the company at 5

DrDamnit shows Experts Exchange member Donna Grindle a preview of EE v.10

Seasons Brewery in Atlanta, GA.  There was a steady flow of local technologists in and out of the brewery all night. The food and beverages were excellent.  The conversation was even better; and did we mention the free Experts Exchange polo shirts?

The majority of the folks in attendance owned their own business and were delighted to know about the “Hire me” button that Qualified Experts can put on their profile so that people who need help with a project in their area of expertise can hire them to do the work.  Other people at the meetup were unaware of our Cloud Class webinar series and wanted to make sure they received invitations to check out future webinars (after all, they’re free!).  Fortunately, all of the webinars in our Cloud Class series are available on the Experts Exchange YouTube Channel, and receiving notifications about upcoming webinars is simple: Just edit your Experts Exchange profile and make sure the check box to “Receive Marketing Email” is selected.

Most importantly, the meetup provided Atlanta area business owners and technologists the opportunity to network with one another.  The commonality of participating on Experts Exchange seemed to establish a level of trust among the group, thus accelerating conversations about the possibility of doing business together.

This month, Experts Exchange Marketing Coordinator Matt Stanford and Site Administrator Jason Levine will travel to Chicago to meet the fine folks who use Experts Exchange out there.  If you live in the Chicago area and want to be notified about the networking event, check your profile to make sure you receive our marketing emails or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Looking forward to seeing you there!