Experts Exchange Rallies to Surprise Victories in Local Dodgeball Tournament

Posted by · August 20, 2015 9:15 am

The Experts Exchange team surprised the crowds in Rosetta’s 2nd Annual Community Dodgeball Tournament held every year in our San Luis Obispo hometown to benefit local non-profits.


Round 1 (vs. Etna Interactive): A quick and decisive first game loss against the highly skilled and intimidating team from Etna Interactive.

Redemption Bracket Round 1 (vs. Rosetta): Hopes were not high, but this fresh new opportunity helped rally the team into a surprising and solid victory over Rosetta.

The team was riding high after this comeback win. But, as luck would have it, Experts Exchange and Etna Interactive crossed paths once more in what was sure to be a memorable rematch.

Redemption Bracket Round 2 (rematch vs. Etna Interactive): At first, it appeared to be another repeat of Experts Exchange’s first encounter with Etna, as the team members were quickly picked off; although a bit slower this time, having learned more a bit more about their opponent. Even so, Etna managed to build a commanding lead with seven players on the field to only one remaining opponent, Experts Exchange’s engineering manager, Jeff Dake.

What happened next was one of the most intense displays of focus, tenacity, and athletic prowess, ever witnessed. Jeff, at most times managing to keep a ball in each hand, constantly deflecting and never backing down, began to slowly pick off his rivals. What seemed like a doomed effort, suddenly began to transform into a heroic comeback.

The cheers growing louder, feet stamping the floor, the audience losing its mind as everyone realized they were witnessing something amazing. And somehow, against all odds, Jeff pulled it off – taking down the entire Etna team, defeating the first game rivals and launching Experts Exchange into the final round of the redemption bracket.


Redemption Bracket Final (vs. Tapestry Solutions): A long, intense, and grueling match, the stage was set for Experts Exchange’s final match. Jeff, now a major target after the last game, was taken out in short order. Other team members were dwindling, but then successfully rallied as several excellent catches brought players back into the match. An intense back and forth began as the Experts Exchange team kept proving itself highly capable of getting back into the game when things were looking dire. Ultimately, Tapestry Solutions performed well and pulled off the win in what was an exciting and engaging match.

Recap: While a first place victory was not in the cards, the overall comeback from that first match was an awe-inspiring event that left everyone overjoyed and prepared to keep training, working, and coming back for next year.

Go tEEm!