Experts Exchange Stories: How I Finally Asked My First Question

Posted by · November 30, 2017 8:08 am

This may come as a surprise, but working as a marketer for a tech company doesn’t mean I’m automatically comfortable using all aspects of our platform. Sure, I am well-versed in our services and how the platform works and I do my best to keep an eye on conversations and questions happening on site. When it came to asking my very first question of the community, however, I kept dragging my feet.

You see, day to day I work with basic technology programs, like Google Apps, calendars, email, simple photo programs, and analytics. Unlike the bulk of questions being asked on site, my tech questions and needs are small. Occasionally I’ll run into a few snags in a program or service, but with a little bit of finagling I can usually figure out what’s going on or how to make do with what I’ve got. None of the tech issues I’ve run into have drastically affected my productivity or ability to connect with my team and complete projects. So when little questions have arisen during my time at Experts Exchange, I’ve muddled through on my own instead of seeking help through the platform.

A couple weeks ago, however, I found myself approaching a big tech purchase (smart phone upgrade, anyone?) and I realized I needed help. Before selling back my old phone, I wanted to figure out how to back up old text conversations for certain communications still needed both for my business and personal life. Nothing is worse than trading in an old phone and losing a text that had an address in it, details for upcoming travel, or other information you know you’ll need to access at a later date.

The decision to ask this question on site was not as easy one. The fact that it would probably be seen as a simple ask from the many experienced professionals made me feel embarrassed, but I knew it was time for me to rip off the bandaid and give our platform a real shot at helping me figure out the best way to approach this issue.

With a little bit of timid hesitation pulsing in my fingertips, I typed, “How to Back up iPhone Texts” in the title bar. Just like others who use our platform, I added the title, asked my question, evaluated the priority (and decided to keep it at “medium” for the sake of time), tagged relevant topics, kept it public, and hit “Submit.” I held my breath as I pressed that button, wondering how it would be received.


And you know what? I worried for nothing.

Within minutes, two resident experts on these topics responded to my question. One expert named dj 3094 gave helpful, basic instructions, and another expert named¬†Ramin provided me with a visual example of how to perform the backup. No one laughed at me or rolled their eyes at the fact that I didn’t already know the answer. They were helpful, timely, professional, and incredibly polite. When I approved their solutions and thanked them for their assistance, Ramin told me they were glad to help.

It’s incredible to think that my worry over perception almost kept me from accessing such helpful solutions. With their assistance, I was able to quickly — and easily — back up my old iPhone texts and properly prepare it for the trade in.

The moral of the story? If a tech marketer can overcome her fear of judgment over lack of tech savvy skills, so can you. If you have a question to ask — whether big or small — or need a different perspective into a tech issue you’re facing, don’t hold back. The tech professionals who are active on Experts Exchange are ready to help. So let them help you like they helped me.