Facebook Can Delete Your Business Page

Posted by · September 17, 2013 9:45 am

Facebook Lacks Common Courtesy

Facebook can delete your business page at whim. Unless you have popular high-profile social media connections or someone who has a direct link to Facebook – your business page or fanpage could disappear without notice in the next five minutes.Though you can report pages that disappear here, you may or may not receive a canned email acknowledgement.


Arbitrary Deletion

Recently, Facebook arbitrarily deleted Social Fixer’s fanpage (340K fans) while leaving another popular ad-blocking fanpage alone. In 2011 Facebook deleted my clients business page twice.

So let this be a word of caution to other businesses, brands, and individuals who are increasingly relying on Facebook to communicate with their audience, gather feedback, and provide support: You are at their mercy. The entire community you’ve worked so hard building up, spent so much money developing, could be gone in an instant on the whim of some person at Facebook or some automated reporting algorithm. Your complaints may be ignored, and your one-click “appeal” may not even be considered. Your community can be erased without a single explanation. – Matt Kruse, Developer of Social Fixer

Kruse, a Javascript engineer, was offered a job interview with Facebook. They declined to hire him because he was not a good cultural fit. His Social Fixer Development page is still live as of this writing.


Unfortunately, Kruse placed the majority of his eggs in one basket. In the blink of an eye, an entire community was erased. Never build your business around Facebook, or any other third-party social media site.

Use all third-party sites to drive traffic to your own hub. It’s great to form communities in social media but do not hook your entire company venture on one third-party social media site.Think of all third-party sites as fluid; here today and potentially gone tomorrow.