Fall 2015 Product Updates

Posted by · October 8, 2015 7:00 am


This fall on Experts Exchange: an improved news feed, enhanced layouts, follow topics to customize your news feed, a new video uploader, and more.



We improved your news feed by giving you quick access to the features you use the most, personalizing it for you, and more.

Your Personalized Feed
Based on topics and members you follow, these suggested articles, videos and solutions are now front and center for quick access.

Easy Profile Access
Your go-to spot to view your profile stats. See your monthly points total, network stats, edit your profile and settings, and more.

Monitor Open Questions
View all of your open questions directly from your news feed to keep up to date on feedback from our community.

Content Filters
Make your news feed work for you, by using the new filters on the top of your feed to select the content you want to see. Your preferences are remembered for the next time you log in, giving you fast access to your preferred content.

More Responsive Than Ever
Even on a tiny screen, you can scroll through your personalized feed with ease.




Instantly view and add your favorite topics directly from your news feed. Your followed topics fill your news feed with the information you care about the most. Edit your followed topics directly on your news feed, directly underneath your profile snapshot.




2015Summer-Product-Update_Video Uploader

Contributing videos just got a lot easier with our new uploader tool. Fill out your title, description, steps, upload your video, and you’re all set. In addition to making it faster to upload new videos, we also created a central place to manage videos, view their status, views, points, and more.

Creating videos is a great way to highlight your expertise and earn points in the community. Each video is worth at least 3,000 points – enough for one month of premium membership!





Our solution, article and video pages got a major overhaul, allowing you to get what you need, fast. The new left hand toolbar allows you to to jump straight to parts of the discussion you want to see.

Tired of scrolling through a dozen comments to find the accepted solution?
Jump straight to it on the left toolbar.

Want to add to the conversation?
Go directly to write comment to provide an answer to an open question or discussion.

Like something so much you want to share it with your friends and colleagues?
Social sharing tools, print, copy and email links are front and center.

Looking to maximize the content for easy viewing?
Minimize the left hand navigation by simply collapsing it, you can still use the basic tools from the minimized toolbar as well. Your preference is also remembered for the next time you visit that page.





Find what you are looking for on-site through our improved search tools, including quick filters for content types, recent activity, and topics. Saving a search can be done directly from search results for fast reference in the future.



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