Fall 2016 Product Update */?> Fall 2016 Product Update

Posted by · October 24, 2016 9:15 am

Your Experts Exchange team has been hard at work building new products, improving old ones, and adding additional value to our community.

See what we’ve been up to in our Fall update!



Solving problems and inspiring learning is what we’re all about. This quarter, we have expanded on that mission with a new offering: Courses.


You can now enroll in technology courses in subjects ranging from office productivity to web development, right here on Experts Exchange. Members of our community will also receive exclusive deals and discounts.

Sharpen your skills, learn a new technology, prepare for certification exams, and expand your horizons by browsing courses.

Publish and Share

Writing articles and answering questions are great ways to provide valuable insight, build your reputation, earn points, and boost your resume. Now, we have made these articles and solutions even easier for your network to access by making them available to all visitors. Publish your work on Experts Exchange and get millions of eyes on your work.



Level Up.

Here at Experts Exchange, we are constantly striving to make participation in our community more rewarding by appealing to the gamer in all of us. With that goal in mind, we have completely overhauled the gamification system on our site. Here are some of the new features:

  • Levels. In addition to our on-site certifications, each member of our community now has a level. When you earn points, you level up. Simple as that. Check out this interactive graph to learn more about how levels work.


  • Leaderboards. We’ve updated our leader boards across the site to show more up to date, dynamic lists of top experts in each category. Check out our Hall of Fame for all time top experts, as well as a weekly leader board for a real-time look at how you stack up against the best of the best in tech.



Profile Page Reboot

Your personal brand is important, and we’ve been working hard on ways to showcase your work. Our new and improved profile page design is intended to give all members of Experts Exchange the ability to showcase their accomplishments and history, both on site and off,  in an organized and professional manner. It includes a quick info view, a “top skills” section to put you at the top of search results, customizable bio and portfolio links, ratings and reviews, and many of the old features that you have grown to know and love. Update your profile and discover all of the ways that it can work for you!



Set Your Schedule, Control Your Earnings

Live is a great way to earn money by providing instant 1:1 tech help, and many members of our community have requested additional customization options to make it even more valuable. We have turned your feedback into some exciting improvements:

  • Office Hours. Set your own hours to show clients when you will be available to help find solutions. If you are offline, clients can schedule an appointment that aligns with your availability.
  • Custom Hourly Rates.  Your time is valuable, and cookie cutter payment structures aren’t for everyone. Now, you can set your own hourly rates and control your earnings.

Log in now to customize your settings.

Thank you for your continued participation on Experts Exchange!

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