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Fall 2017 Product Update

Posted by · October 17, 2017 10:30 am

It’s a season of cozy sweaters, hot drinks, ghosts and ghouls, and many updates in the Experts Exchange community. Check out what we’ve had going on behind the scenes in this fall product update!



You Rang? Introducing The Help Bell
Did you ask a question on site that’s still waiting for expert responses? With the release of the Help Bell, you can seek further assistance with your questions. Options include: having Experts Exchange check the question’s priority and contacting experts on your behalf, moving the question to a Live session to get 1:1 tech help, and tips on how to draft better questions. Give it a try today!


Emails: Decoded
Tired of getting emails from us? We heard you! That’s why we consolidated several monthly email sends into a new digest called Decoded. It’s built to inform our members on Experts Exchange happenings, such as product updates (like this one), information on the latest Course of the Month, and new tech tips and tricks you may need to know.



Say “No” to Spam
In recent months, we learned that spammers were using our on-site messaging system to get in contact with members. To put a stop to this, we gave recipients the ability to mark messages as spam. Now, once a message is flagged, we can identify these users and the system can better detect and block future spammers.


Improved Course Search
Want to locate a specific course on site? It’s now easier than ever! We made improvements to our existing course navigation to make the search more user-friendly, and even added greater course categories to enhance your search process. This will help you better locate highly specialized continuing education opportunities.


Live Consultant Onboarding
We’re always excited when members sign up to be consultants on our Live platform. To encourage greater participation, we wanted to make sure the signup process was simple and easy. Turns out, there were some extra, unneeded steps hindering the flow. So we reorganized the layout of the Live landing page to give consultants a better onboarding process. Now, consultant accounts are ready to roll as soon as the onboarding process is finished. And it’s made quite a difference! With these changes we saw a 230% increase in the weekly number of new consultants.


Earn Points With Live [Beta]
Since its launch, Live has been a pay-per-use product that allowed consultants to earn cash for helping members. The cash earnings affected some experts’ abilities to participate in Live. While many were restricted by company policies that prohibit employees to freelance or work outside jobs, we also had quite a few experts that didn’t want their income level affected by earning extra money through Live.

To help them get involved without any ramifications, we introduced a new way to consult in Live: share expertise, earn points. This type of compensation removes the requirements of the cash flows (PayPal, legal agreements, etc.), and allows experts to help people, for points, like they’ve always done. (Note: These experts are only accessible with a Premium subscription to Experts Exchange.)


Thank you for your continued participation on Experts Exchange!