Feature Improvement: New Question Lists */?> Feature Improvement: New Question Lists

Posted by · September 18, 2012 2:16 pm

When the new version of Experts Exchange went live back in January, we knew there’d be a number of tweaks and changes along the way. In listening to feedback from the community, one common request was to improve the usability of question lists.

This week we’re launching a revamped question list interface on Experts Exchange; specifically, on topic landing pages, the answer tab and users’ open/monitored/answered/participated questions. Here’s an example of what a question “List View” will look like.

1. All lists included in this change now allow you to switch between Detail View and List View by clicking on the view you prefer. Your preference will be remembered as you view different lists, so that if you click Detail View on the My Participated Questions list, then go to a topic landing page, the question list will show Detail View as well.

2. Question lists will now allow you to select the number of items you’d like to see on each page. You can select 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 items.

3. The lists will now all contain the same columns: date submitted, points, title, author, number of comments and topic. You’ll now be able to sort question lists by three columns: date, points and number of comments. Just click the text or icon above the column and the list will be sorted by that criteria. Additionally, topic names are now written out, replacing the icons that were in place to represent them.

4. We’ve added status icons to the list to better indicate what has happened most recently on each question. The icons appear to the left of the listed question, and there is a key at the bottom of the list to explain what each icon means (note these status icons will only appear for questions in which you’ve participated).

We’ve worked to make each of the above lists consistent so the experience is seamless across the site. There are a few lists that, for various reasons, were not updated:

  •  Search results
  • Saved Searches page
  • My Personal Knowledgebase
  • My Articles
  • Suggested Articles
  • Suggested Blogs
  • Featured Articles
  • Logged out views of lists

If you have any questions about the new lists or have additional feature requests, please contact our customer support team.