It’s TweetShirt Tuesday: What was the oddest gift you got this year?

Posted by · December 27, 2011 12:05 am

What’s that? You didn’t get enough random stuff at Christmas? Well then, how about a free shirt? That’s what we give away each month for TweetShirt Tuesday.

Free t-shirt for a tweet, folks.Here’s how you can win your own free shirt.

Christmas is over and all the gifts are unwrapped. Every gift exchange has a head-scratcher or two: maybe you got hand-knit fingerless gloves from grandma, or perhaps your 3-year old gift-wrapped a box of dirt. What was the strangest gift you got this year? Share it on Twitter for your chance to win.

All we ask is that you share the link to this blog post ( and mention @ExpertsExchange. Here’s an example of what a tweet might look like:

I got a cat-hair sweater this year. What was your oddest gift? Share it & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

Or maybe this:

What was the weirdest gift you got? Mine was a can of air. Sheesh. Share yours & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

Creativity is encouraged, but it won’t improve your chances of winning.

Everyone over 18 is welcome to participate where it’s not prohibited (click here for the full rules). And since it’s already Tuesday in some parts of the world, the contest starts now and goes until 11:59 Pacific time. Good luck!

  • John Coleman

    The weirdest gift I got 2 old trs-80 made into a cocktail table.

  • John Bates

    What they were was, short socks that just covered the heel and wrapped each toe individually, the bottoms was covered with a irregular pattern of grippy rubber stuff. They call em yoga socks! Ain’t that weird?

    • Lisa Davis

      John Coleman – I call those socks the deterrant to the “Risky Business Slide” (Tom Cruise syle)


  • Balaji J H
  • Arvind Kumar

    The odd gift I got wine in coke bottle.

  • Prasad Dhond

    The ugliest gift I got this X’mas is stinky pair of socks with a note on it –>Give deadly anaesthesia to Santa and rob all the gifts from his bag. 🙂 lol

  • Ravi

    I got New friends this XMAS and am enjoying with them.
    What was the weirdest gift you got? . Share yours & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

    Do it Before Others Dream!
    J Ravi

  • Prasad Dhond
  • Mario

    merry x-mas

  • Gene Baker

    My mother-in-law gave me a replacement halogen bulb. Just a bulb, no light or anything. When I asked her about it, she said, “Well, it looked like a man thing, so I gave it to you.”

    • Gordon

      good one!! Thats funny!

  • Gordon

    I got a solidified fruitcake,I use it for a paperweight. I bet it will outlast a cockroach

  • Jack Galante

    the wierdest gift i got this year was a bag of miracvle grow soil and an avocado pit(seed) with a bow on it! lol

  • François

    I’ve got chocolate and I’m diabetic… 🙂

    Merry Christmas!
    Joyeux Noël!


    Hope i can win on this X-mas

    Happy New Year Frnds


    Learning Exchange Server on Exchange with Pepsi


  • Ldavisokc

    I received the lovely reminder that my ex sold our 60 shares of Apple stock (at less than we paid – cuz he’s a “savvy” money guy.) Shortly thereafter, Apple stock skyrocketed and I might have had a nice little nest egg. Alas, now, no husband, no nestegg, no fun! Perhaps I shall win the Tshirt. That would ease the wound, lol. @ExpertsExchange

  • frank bicocchi

    A metal dector

  • Ljohn2752

    I got one stick of chap stick

  • nadir altinbas

    Good ideas for a new year.

  • vmooka

    No gifts for this christmas. At least let me get this shirt. 🙁

  • Paolo Treves


    The weirdest gift I got was a fruit cake for the xxx time.
    Wish you all happy holidays. What was your weirdest gift this year ?
    Share it & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange


  • Tim Wallace

    The weirdest thing I ever received was an alarm clock that made Whale noises.

  • I got a DVD full of digital photos of my whole family. Its a great gift for me and a data backup for them.

  • mario

    please do not send e-mail anymore how can i unsubscribe ?

  • I got a little, fuzzy, stuffed penguin from Santa.

  • Kpax7
  • Najaf Cheema

    I got a half toffee wrapped in 60 boxes which was put in one another. I guess it is a share Santa has given to me :)…

  • A. Panchal

    I got a gift card which doesn’t have balance in it. I was planning to use that card to buy a nice toy for my kid. 🙁

  • jayavardhan das

    Yeah.. I had few gifts from my friends but the odd one is the one Tea Shirt with below quote on it;

    Q: If I am attacked
    by a sowman,
    where is the best
    place to kick him ?

    A: The snowballs !!

    Woo.. not easy to wear this and walk on streets 🙁

  • sunil

    I got a nothing this year hope i will get this try yours. What was your oddest gift? Share it & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

  • The oddest gift I got was a toilet–mine hadn’t been working right and my mom got it for my master bathroom. Crazy yes, but it’s a gift I’ll use every day 🙂

  • tommy

    All I got from Santa this year was the flu and a root canal.