Go Out on Your Own: A Guide to Consulting & Contracting */?> Go Out on Your Own: A Guide to Consulting & Contracting

Posted by · August 19, 2014 9:50 am

Learn the risks, benefits and stepping stones of moving from working for someone else to working for you in this Experts Exchange guide.

Based on his own experience and research, Expert Jim Horn shares how to best become self-employed:

“I converted from a full-time employee to an independent contractor with my own business. So you ask, how did I do it? […] If you seek background information and motivation on how to become independent yourself, I believe that you will find this guide informative.” -Jim Horn

Don’t get caught off guard by the nitty-gritty of getting your own contracting business off the ground. Our “Consulting & Contracting: How to Go Out on Your Own” guide covers:

  • When to declare your corporate freedom and begin your independent career
  • Important information regarding banking, business entity basics, payroll, taxes, and expenses
  • How to develop your consulting identity and get started

Download this free guide in the Resource Center, check out Gigs by Experts Exchange, dig yourself out of the 8-to-5 life and go out on your own!