hanccocka is hooked on Experts Exchange

Posted by · December 4, 2012 12:42 pm

Andrew Hancock (a.k.a- hanccocka) first joined Experts Exchange in 2003 at the prompting of another Experts Exchange expert, Richard Quadling.

“I can’t remember if I asked a question or just browsed the site in 2003, but I didn’t spend much time on it back then,” Andrew says.

In 2010, Andrew returned to ask a question about Exchange Server 2003.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get an answer to that question and forgot about Experts Exchange for the next few months until Richard mentioned he was participating on the site, answering a lot of questions and having a lot of fun.  So, I tried it out again,” Andrew says.

Ironically, Andrew didn’t think he had anything to contribute to the Experts Exchange community when he first began participating…and then he discovered the VMWare and Virtualization topic areas.  Since December 2010, Andrew has earned 33 certifications, including Genius certificates (1,000,000 points) in the VMware, Virtualization and Windows Server 2008.  Not surprisingly, he was also the recipient of the 2011 Expert of the Year award, the 2011 Juggernaut award and the 2011 Ally award.

“My original goal was to become a Master in the VMware topic area,” Andrew says. “I’m not sure Richard realizes what a beast he has unleashed.”

What free time?

According to Andrew, he’s never quantified the amount of time he spends on Experts Exchange:

“I just chip in, every now and then, when there’s a virtualization or VMware question.”

Given the number of points he’s amassed in the past two years and the fact that he’s also a topic area advisor, we’re guessing that helping folks on the site takes up a decent amount of his free time.  Still, Andrew, who currently resides in the UK, finds time to spend with his family and friends, including his significant other Lindsey and their three cats Esther, Angus and Tilly. His idea of a good time?

“A cream tea, but the scone must be accompanied by Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream,” he says.

If he could share that tea and clotted cream with anyone, it would be either Albert Einstein, George Harrison or Freddie Mercury:

“I’d discuss the quantum theory of gravity (standard model or string theory) with Einstein. With George, I’d talk about his meditation trip to Rishikesh and about transcendental meditation in general and with Freddie Mercury I’d probably just want to sing a chorus of ‘Somebody to love.’”

While it probably didn’t involve using string theory, Andrew recalls the hardest problem he’s ever had to solve:

“When I was a student, my friends and I found a leaky twin-tub washing machine. We managed to drill out the cracks on the base that were leaking and replace with homemade polythene washers and silicone sealer. After managing to carry it up six flights of stairs to the top floor, it worked quite well and  saved us taking our clothes to the laundrette!”

These days Andrew makes a living solving problems of a different kind as the owner of Cyrus Computer Consulting Ltd. His official title is “Technical

Virtualization Architect and Virtualization Consultant.”

“I decided I could do a better job at consultancy than the consultants being used by my previous employer, and I’ve been running my own business for the past 15 years,” Andrew says.

You can learn more about his consulting services by visiting his company website, by emailing Andrew at support <at> cyrus <dash> consultants <dot> co <dot> uk or by following him on Twitter at @einsteinagogo.  Don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear back from him right away. After all, the end of the year is drawing near and there are questions to be answered and Expert Awards to be won.