Happy New Year

Posted by · January 22, 2015 9:29 am

2014 was a big year at Experts Exchange.  At the beginning of the year, we set out our plan to make the community more valuable to members – by enabling them to better solve difficult technology issues, learn new technologies, and network with other technology professionals.

And throughout the last year, we made progress toward this goal. We launched new features that transformed our site into more than just a question and answer forum, including:

  • Online job-relevant training — members can choose between thousands of technology articles and 5 minute video micro tutorials that support the busy tech professional through hands-on learning
  • Discussion Groups — groups provide an opportunity for networking and discussion surrounding specific technology interests. Members can personally connect with like-minded peers, experts, and technology leaders and build lasting professional relationships.
  • Improved networking tools — members can now find and connect with other members using messaging, member search, and the follow function. Plus, we’ve integrated a new feature called Hire Me which allows members to directly contact each other for job opportunities.
  • New ways to share content — upgraded tools in the community allow you to produce videos, lead discussions, and write articles to demonstrate your expertise in a subject.

We also made it easier than ever to earn free premium access to Experts Exchange, by contributing just one article or video tutorial in a month, or answering a couple questions. Throughout all these changes, our members remained loyal and consistent in their participation. We can’t thank them enough; their dedication is what drives our community.

But we believe 2015 will be even better. We will continue to add new features and functionality to improve membership, including:

  • Mobile apps (Android and iPhone)
  • API’s so that members can build tools to use content on the site
  • A better loyalty program for experts
  • A new tagging structure to better categorize content
  • Improved participation tools including article authorship, page editing, moderation and video uploading tools

I invite you to watch this video for a sneak peek of what we’re planning for 2015.

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