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Posted by · June 26, 2012 8:57 am

The experts here at Experts Exchange are special. They’re real people with real-world technology experience from around the globe, including many professionals recognized in their field of expertise: Microsoft MVPs, Java Champions, Oracle Aces and others.

But even amongst our excellent contributors, a few experts rise above the rest. We honor them as our Most Valuable Experts.

Last year we recognized twelve experts in our first-ever Most Valuable Expert (MVE) awards. Now we need your help to nominate our next class of MVEs.

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What is a Most Valuable Expert?

The Experts Exchange MVE Award recognizes Experts for outstanding community contributions. While the points and certification system recognizes achievement on Experts Exchange, this award is more about how a person goes about earning their points and contributing to the community.

For the MVE, it is the community first. Not only have they achieved recognition as a subject matter expert in their field of expertise, they are considered outstanding contributors as they interact with the community. The MVE is not as concerned with the considerable points they can earn as they are with the satisfaction of those they help.

While they may appear in the Hall of Fame, it is more likely an honorable mention in the newsletter from those they have helped, or a sigh of gratitude as you see them appear in your thread, and a likely acknowledgement from those experts already helping. They are the types of people you feel privileged to call colleagues.

How MVEs are chosen

To receive the MVE award, Experts are nominated by the community. Candidates then undergo a rigorous evaluation of their technical prowess, community contributions and member feedback. The quality of their interactions and contributions are then assessed by a panel of community members and staff.

The MVE award is based on the prior year contributions and is an annual award. With some of the very best Experts in the world, the MVE Award is recognition bestowed on the very few of the many tens of thousands of Experts who are members of Experts Exchange.

How you can become a Most Valuable Expert

The first step is to get nominated (the more nominations the better, but do not solicit for nominations).

Becoming an MVE depends heavily on both attitude and quality of work throughout Experts Exchange: answering questions, writing articles, participating on blogs. You will need to have been a full member for the entire year prior, and indicate a commitment to continue at a similar level of effort for the ensuing year.

Qualities such as technical accuracy, demeanor, professionalism, courtesy, responsiveness, consistency (more so than frequency) and reliability will be considered. While it is not about points alone, points are indicative of your technical ability; it is also important to have achieved an acceptable level of certification within your area of expertise. (You don’t need to be a Savant, but you do need to be an acknowledged subject matter Expert…after all we are a technology site).

You will be advised and asked for further input if you are nominated and have made the shortlist of MVE candidates. At that point you may accept or reject the nomination without any prejudice. Being nominated and receiving the invitation is really the manifestation of achievement, because the MVE award is not given to just anyone. It is an exclusive and elite award recognizing your outstanding contributions to the community.