How to be a Good Freelance Client

Posted by · March 15, 2016 6:00 am

In the competitive technology market, attracting top freelancers can be a challenge. The best freelancers are in high demand and often busy juggling multiple projects, but you can get them on your team too. Being a great client is a surefire way to work with the best.

Freelancers come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they all agree that a good client is the key to great work. Below are some helpful tips gathered from both freelancers and clients to get started on the path to success.

Good Clients Come Prepared

Project kickoff starts before you even select your freelancer. This is where you set yourself up to attract the best talent. A robust project description, complete with in-depth details and examples of desired outcomes, help a freelancer understand your needs before they commit to anything.

A good description will attempt to answer questions before they are even asked. Things like an expected timeline, specific skills you are looking for, a clear description, and a realistic budget will attract the highest quality talent and go a long way in getting your project started faster. Read more about what makes a good project description.

Good Clients Communicate Clearly

GoodFeelanceClient-02The responsibility of keeping the project on-track and on-budget falls on the shoulders of both freelancers and clients. It’s important to remember that in a freelancing environment, collaboration remains an essential component of producing quality work.

At the core of every collaborative relationship is good communication. Be sure to promptly answer any follow-up or additional questions your freelancer might have, these questions keep everyone on the same page, and also show the dedication of your freelancer.

The way you communicate is also important as it sets the tone of your working relationship. Keep it positive to maintain project momentum and open dialogue in case more questions or feedback come up. As a client, it’s your role to be decisive so that freelancers are left with clear direction and confidence that they are on the right track.

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Good Clients Trust the Expertise of Freelancers

While it might be hard to relinquish the reigns sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and remember – this is why you hired someone to help you! Your freelancer is someone you need to learn to trust and accept their advice in order to achieve a good end product.

The best clients understand the perspective of their freelancers, their reputation is on the line also, it’s in their best interest to do great work for you. Don’t be afraid to let freelancers suggest better solutions or point out potential pitfalls, this is sign that they care about your project and delivering good work! Expect a little back and forth about project specifics, especially if you have less technical knowledge, these conversations are only intended to clarify the work you hired them for.


Good Clients Say Thank You

As is true with many things, sometimes a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Showing gratitude for the work and dedication of your freelancer shows that you respect them and the skills they bring to the table. The best part, a “thank you” is free!

Writing a review for your freelancer upon closing a project is one of the most effective ways to say thanks. In the competitive world of online freelancing, their reputation and ability to get future work is heavily influenced by the feedback of previous clients.

Good Clients Pay on Time

This should go without saying, but sometimes we all need a reminder. Be sure to close your project when it’s done! By paying your freelancer on time you are valuing the work they put into your project and helping them forecast for their own financial planning. After all, life isn’t free.

Now that you have the basic components of what makes a great client, you’re all set to start connecting with talented freelancers. Check out Gigs by Experts Exchange to get quality work done by top technology talent.

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