How To Frame A Window In SQL Server

Posted by · April 5, 2012 2:08 pm

As you may or may not know, since January, Experts Exchange has been sponsoring local users groups.  We supply some funds for food and beverages at one of the group’s monthly meetings and give out a few free memberships and some Experts Exchange polo shirts or hats to those in attendance.  (If you’re interested in having Experts Exchange sponsor your group, check out our sponsorship requirements and then fill out an application.)

Last month, we sponsored SQL Server Genius and Experts Exchange MVE Kevin Cross’s SQL Server user group in Columbus, Ohio.  Kevin was also giving a presentation at the monthly meeting and he kindly shared his presentation with us.

During the presentation, Kevin gives an overview of the window function in SQL as well as a bit of a cross-platform perspective on windowing using MySQL Server, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.  Towards the end of his talk, Kevin touches on other advanced capabilities of the windows functions—or lack thereof.

You can watch the full presentation below, or if you just want to check out his Power Point slides, you can download them here.  Be sure to check out Kevin’s Experts Exchange profile, follow him on Twitter and his blog,