How to Identify and Fix Malware Issues

Posted by · December 30, 2013 11:32 am


Few things strike fear and trepidation in the hearts of PC users like the threat of Malware, something Steve Harris knows all too well. After years of combating Malware issues as the president of IT consulting company Think Space Solutions, LLC, Steve wanted to share what he’s learned with the Experts Exchange community and thus penned a series of articles on identifying and fixing Malware problems.

“Malware has always been one of the more stressful topics for PC users.  I had hoped to provide a reference point and some additional perspectives to users seeking advice on various Malware troubles and how to help combat those troubles,” Steve says.

The first article in Steve’s three-part series discusses symptoms that may indicate your system is infected with Malware. In the second article, he explains how to identify which specific type of Malware your system is infected with; and in the third article, Steve tells readers how to remove Malware and prevent their PCs from future Malware infections.

For Steve, publishing articles on Experts Exchange allows him to combine his passion for writing, technology and helping others; but it was the help he received from Experts Exchange VMware Savant Andrew Hancock that first attracted him to the site:

“I ran across Experts Exchange while researching some troubling issues with a VMware install.  I came across some advice, articles and solutions from expert Andrew Hancock and decided that in turn, I could also offer assistance to users within various topics.”

In addition to writing articles, Steve can also be found answering questions in the MS Excel topic area, where he has earned a Master’s certification.

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