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Posted by · May 7, 2014 11:48 am

Today at Experts Exchange we have unveiled a new ‘look’ for our brand and community. This step in our evolution merits some explanation, as it is more than skin-deep. The refreshed website, logo and brand were designed to match the trajectory of an online community that is transforming from a pure Question & Answer platform into the network of technology professionals. The new Experts Exchange will contain all the tools required to power our members’ career growth. What this means is that while we will continue to solve the most difficult technical questions fast, we will also offer industry-leading education for professional development and effective new ways to connect with our community of technology experts.

Then & Now
In the 18 years since the creation of Experts Exchange, we have become an indispensable resource for members looking to solve difficult technology problems. This growth is a result of the loyal participation of our exceptional technology experts. Our community members are our biggest assets.

But we have also made some mistakes along the way. For instance, we made it difficult for non-members to view our content or visit our network, often forcing them to join the community before they could fully understand the benefits.

We have aimed to learn from those mistakes…

We started by peeling back the paywall: More Experts Exchange content is now available to free members and search engines than ever in our history. Then, we created the Product Advisory Committee, nine experienced representatives from the Experts Exchange community tasked with providing insight and feedback on product development.

The new website launch marks the next step in this strategy. It introduces our goal of becoming the comprehensive online network for technology professionals. Along with a new look, this change brings usability improvements to the site such as simplified navigation, enhanced search features and greater access to relevant tech content and network updates.

But this is just the beginning…

Next Up
Today’s upgrades have merely set the stage for the transformation that will continue to evolve over the coming months.

To provide faster technology solutions, we will be launching new related content algorithms and the ability to follow specific topics and members. And with the addition of user groups, we will allow members to find and interact with others who use similar technologies or hold similar jobs.

Through this, Experts Exchange will become the tech professional’s trusted, on-demand resource for solving difficult problems, making informed decisions, and delivering excellent solutions.

To help our members acquire new skills, we are significantly increasing the tutorial content available through the network. In the next few months, we will be expanding our video learning library by introducing Micro Tutorials: five-minute, hands-on video courses that teach specific, targeted tasks.

With unparalleled access to technical experts and verified real-world solutions as well as this new reservoir of diverse educational content, the new Experts Exchange will enable personalized development of technology skills.

And most importantly, Experts Exchange is unveiling new ways for members to communicate and network with each other. Soon, our Expert Profiles will include a “hire me” feature, so members can be hired directly from their profile pages. Member search and direct messaging features are also in development. And, to promote career growth, we are introducing a network job board, wage surveys, and other job search and career development features.

The new Experts Exchange’s networking capabilities will provide the professional exposure and valued relationships key to building the career you want.

YOUR Network
At the new Experts Exchange, we are dedicated to helping our members solve, learn, and network. Our new site navigation and ongoing product roadmap demonstrate this. We are dedicated to making Experts Exchange the best network in the world for technology professionals.
Please accept our invitation to go behind the scenes and take a tour of our upgraded website to discover the NEW Experts Exchange.

We’ll see you on the network.

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