Introducing the 2015 Most Valuable Experts

Posted by · January 5, 2016 9:00 am

Each year, Experts Exchange selects a small number of volunteer experts to the earn status of MVE. These chosen experts consistently demonstrate the core values of our community and go the extra mile in all aspects of their contributions.

The Most Valuable Experts represent the elite of our community, the people who you are privileged to call your colleagues. The following recipients were nominated by their peers and those they have helped. In the coming year, we expect to see the same high quality contributions they’ve displayed this year. Please join us in recognizing them for their positive impact, and thank each of them for being such an integral part of our community.

This year, we congratulate:


  • Total Points: 5,286,749
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Ace certification in ColdFusion Language

_agx_ has been a member of Experts Exchange since 2007, and has since racked up over 5 million points. _agx_ has answered nearly 3,000 accepted solutions and over 500 assisted solutions, and holds 22 certifications on the site.


  • Total Points: 1,441,279
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Genius rank overall

As someone who has gotten where she is today by the education and experience of others, _jesper_ participates as an expert on Experts Exchange to continue to pay it forward. She is most active in the Networking Firewalls and Linux topics, as she spent the last 22 years assisting independent telephone companies with IP.

Her best advice for success on Experts Exchange? Be concise in the questions and answers, omit non-relevant detail, and be as clear as possible.

A few fun facts about _jesper_ are that she loves to read, is hoping to learn a new language once time permits, and is a member of both NANOG and ARIN. Feel free her Expert Spotlight and get to know her a little better.


  • Total Points: 14,362,132
  • Noteworthy Achievement: 88 total Experts Exchange certifications

A true expert, rindi has noted that Experts Exchange is a “part of me”. He enjoys helping others solve their PC problems, and works to give back to what he calls his favorite site.

Most active in the Hardware, OS (Windows, Linux, OSX), and troubleshooting topics, rindi has earned this title for going above and beyond to help those in need.

He loves ice hockey, science, wildlife, and environmental preservation.


  • Total Points: 4,200,522
  • Noteworthy Achievement: #1 overall expert in 6 topics, including Document Imaging, Document Management, and OCR

In the summer of 2010, joewinograd joined Experts Exchange to get an answer to a technology question. He was immediately struck by the community dynamic and the expanse of knowledge that was available to him. At the time, he imagined that he would be asking questions more than helping others but, looking back, he says that he has learned more while solving problems for others.

These days, what he looks for are projects that require custom programming, because it’s something he enjoys doing and provides the satisfaction of creating a specific, unique solution to a problem. What’s most rewarding for Joe is seeing someone go out of his or her way to thank him for his help.

Joewinograd was born and bred in Philadelphia, but has been living in the Chicago area for decades, though he still supports the Philly sports teams. He loves to travel and has been in many parts of the world, though London and Paris are his two favorite cities. You might also find Joe resurrecting his Case Tech varsity tennis days with his daughter or caring for a rescued cat or dog. Feel free to read Joe’s Expert Spotlight to get to know him a little better.


  • Total Points: 3,550,234
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Microsoft MVP for 7 consecutive years

MartinLiss is a long-time expert touting not only an impressive resume, but also some wonderful feedback from members for his helpful nature. With over 40 years of coding experience, MartinLiss stays physically fit by power walking every other day, and mentally fit by solving coding problems on Experts Exchange. He is most active in Visual Basic Classic (VB6) where he has helped answer thousands of questions.

He believes that what has made him successful as an expert is his ability to be patient with people who may be beginners or who are not native English speakers. He also thinks it’s important to stick with a question and be willing to follow up on details, if asked to, after points are awarded.

MartinLiss has been a Microsoft MVP for 7 years and has been an Experts Exchange Top Expert in Visual Basic Classic since 2012. As of the end of 2015 he was also the #2 rank in the Excel topic, and would someday like to break into the top 100 total points list.


  • Total Points: 4,007,342
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Genius certified in JavaScript and PHP

JulianH has been programming since 1986 on most platforms and most of the popular languages (and some of the not so popular ones). He is a Topic Advisor and expert on Experts Exchange, earning over 4 million points since he joined our community in 2002.

JulianH runs his own IT Development / consulting business from home so he can spend more time with his wife and kids based in Cape town, South Africa.


  • Total Points: 91,298
  • Certifications: VMWare Certified Associate in VCloud 2014 & Data Centre Virtualization V6 2015

Stuart_Scott has worked within the IT industry for over two decades across an array of technology areas, most notably in cloud technology (specifically AWS) which is where most of his answers and articles live. He loves Experts Exchange because of the strong community and the knowledge collective, which he notes is why he always comes back.

Coming into 2016, Stuart_Scott is continuing with his AWS Certification path along with his contributions on Experts Exchange, which include answering questions, writing articles, and producing videos with visual how-to demonstrations on how to perform certain tasks within AWS.

Experts Exchange has opened a number of doors for Stuart in addition to his day-to-day role, from becoming a cloud expert for CloudBerry Lab (an Advanced Technology Partner) and also a content contributor to Cloud Academy, a leading online cloud training provider. Feel free to read Stuart’s Expert Spotlight and get to know him a little better.


  • Total Points: 5,363,108
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Microsoft Exchange Server MVP for 2 consecutive years

Spec01 went from not knowing what he wanted to do in college, to being a systems engineer at a 30,000 person company where he manages the day-to-day IT operations of Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory systems, as well as Citrix for the organization. He holds a variety of certifications and is a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP two years running.

He is coming up on his four year anniversary in his current position, but his time with Experts Exchange more than doubles that. Will has racked up an incredible amount of points over the years, but what matters to him is the happiness he gets from helping overs and professional growth he receives from working with other members. He also says that the ability to get another person’s perspective in his field is a unique benefit of being an expert.

In his spare time, Will enjoys staying active by playing sports with friends, as well as spending time with his wife and 2-year-old son. He recently picked up an RC car that they love to play with. Read Will’s Expert Spotlight and get to know him a little better.


  • Total Points: 3,395,514
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Genius rank in JavaScript

Experts Exchange has been a great outlet for a former computer (electrical) engineer turned stay-at-home dad. It’s kept tagit in the web development (and JavaScript) game since he quit his job almost five years ago to look after his two boys.

What he likes about Experts Exchange is the community. He enjoys engaging with members, obviously as an expert, but also by asking the odd question. Not to mention the social banter with the members (and staff), always keeps him coming back.

As far as questions go, it’s the obscure questions that catch his interest the most. Tagit likes the “thinking outside the box” process of working through a complex, not-so-straightforward problem that may have multiple solutions.

When he’s not on Experts Exchange, tagit can be found rumbling around with his kids or out pursuing the ultimate truth with his karate.


  • Total Points: 4,242,151
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Ace rank in MS Access

Cactus_data started as an audio engineer during his days at the Danish Technical University in the early ‘70s, founding a business with three fellow students. While he spent some years at the Copenhagen Business School, he left the business in 1987 to work as a copywriter at some large, international advertising agencies, eventually moving to public relations as a consultant. He founded Cactus Data, a business service and custom programming consultancy, in 1993 with his wife, which they still run to this day.

Most active in the MS Access topic area, cactus_data continues to help members on Experts Exchange because he likes to meet unexpected challenges which can divert you a little during everyday work. He believes that staying focused on his true expert areas and always being polite are what makes him successful, and encourages others to do the same.

As a former audio engineer, cactus_data loves music and professional audio gear, but most of his time is spent with C# and databases.


  • Total Points: 2,004,521
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Microsoft MVP 2 consecutive years

Based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, vasilcho is a consultant who has been focused on Office 365 for over four years now, and has now been awarded with his second Microsoft MVP title for his work in that area, and also holds several additional Microsoft certifications.

As a hobby, vasilcho loves to participate in the different technical communities focused on O365, and considers Experts Exchange to be the best non-MS resource for both helping others and finding an answer to my his questions. He notes that there are all sorts of interesting issues people have run into and simply browsing the questions or articles in the community can be rewarding, as there’s always something new to learn.

He loves the simple, yet effective design, and the overall experience, not to mention the people of Experts Exchange. Some of them are among the top experts worldwide in their relevant expertise, and he loves knowing he is a part of that community.