It’s TweetShirt Tuesday: Where do you stream your music?

Posted by · October 17, 2011 3:38 pm

You like free stuff? How ‘bout a free shirt? That’s what we give away each month for TweetShirt Tuesday. Feast your eyes on this slice of couture:

Here’s how it works. We’ve entered a golden era for music lovers. But with so many music services out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose. We want to know: what’s your preferred way of streaming music online? Maybe you groove to GrooveShark, or perhaps you prefer to sync up with iTunes. Share your favorite music site on Twitter for a chance to win. All we ask is that you share the link to this blog post ( and mention @ExpertsExchange. Here’s an example of what a tweet might look like:

I LOVE! What music site do you use? Share yours & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

Or maybe this:

What music site do you use? I’m sticking with Pandora, forget the jonnycomelatelys. Share yours & U could win a shirt @ExpertsExchange

Facebook Bonus:
Don’t have Twitter? You can also post a message to your own Facebook wall. Just be sure to tag us (@ExpertsExchange) so we can see it (you also need to “like” our Facebook page if you haven’t already).

Creativity is encouraged, but it won’t improve your chances of winning.

Everyone over 18 is welcome to participate where it’s not prohibited (see rules attached below). And since it’s already Tuesday in some parts of the world, the contest starts now and goes until 11:59 Pacific time. Good luck!