JARmod101 is Wise Beyond His Years */?> JARmod101 is Wise Beyond His Years

Posted by · September 27, 2012 9:02 am

In the world of IT as much as any other, some people prove that age truly ain’t nothin’ but a number. Jared Ross speaks of IT like a wise seasoned pro, though he’s just starting college at Wentworth Institute of Technology as a Computer Networking major.  The Boston resident is one of the newest moderators on Experts Exchange. His “hobby” keeps him busy outside of school; he contracts out his IT skills in infrastructure, active directory, networking, exchange, virtualization, as well as SBS systems. So while his fellow students are testing the limits of new-found adult responsibilities, he’s losing sleep over server updates.

“The thought that when you do updates late at night- that you are going to get the ‘backlash’ that when your servers (that have worked perfectly fine from day 1) do not restart properly and has failed. Yeah…it happens,” says the IT Admin.

Jared’s expertise speaks volumes about his dedication to the field of technology, and his work ethic is influenced by one of the great tech game-changers of our time, Steve Jobs. He says that Jobs’ standard of excellence is an inspiration. But there are other role models he draws insight from in politics and entertainment as well. He cites John F. Kennedy as a visionary and Aaron Sorkin as one of the great storytellers of our time due to his lack of censorship. Even through toughest struggles, a simple motto from a friend continues to encourage him.

“Don’t stop reaching for the stars, because the second you stop reaching- is the second you fall. This helped me from falling.”

His experience joining Experts Exchange mirrors many like him. As he tried to solve one of his IT issues, Google gave him an EE answer as the first result. He took the plunge and signed up for an account, and it wasn’t too much later that he realized he could become a qualified expert. The satisfaction of the problem solving was motivating.

“Receiving the first ‘Great Answer’ email,” he explains, “was just so exhilarating to continue to answer more and more questions.”

Jared fits in well as a moderator. He exemplifies the spirit of the Experts Exchange community, volunteering his knowledge and time simply because he wants to help.

“It is continually the skill and determination of the experts that brings me back. The experts are truly amazing on this site and constantly raise the bar of true excellence in terms of their knowledge. Also, the people I have worked with on the moderator side have been excellent, great mentors, and great colleagues,” he comments. “For me, it wasn’t about the points, but it was rather following through to completion on a question. I knew I wanted to participate more; I wanted to make a difference.”