jkr Mixes Business With Pleasure */?> jkr Mixes Business With Pleasure

Posted by · June 19, 2012 10:49 am

Even through email, you can sense the happiness that emanates from Jurgen Kraus (known to the Experts Exchange community as jkr). The software developer from southwest Germany clearly loves his job, and most importantly, loves life. In fact, when asked what gets him out of bed in the morning, Jurgen replies:

“Apart from my automatic coffee maker? The idea that I am one of the happy people who get fun out of their job.”

Not surprisingly, Jurgen’s life philosophy coincides with his overall joyful demeanor:

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever received—and one I try to live by—is a simple one: Enjoy life,” he says.

Currently enjoying life as a single guy, Jurgen spends his free time listening to music (mostly jazz), playing the guitar, cooking and going to see movies and theater performances. But these pastimes are second only to his love of meeting new people. And perhaps that’s part of the reason why he loves Experts Exchange so much…

From boredom to genius

Like many people, Jurgen stumbled upon Experts Exchange while surfing the web. Unlike most, however, he wasn’t looking to solve a technology problem, but simple to cure his boredom.

“I found the site by chance one boring September in 1998 and I haven’t left since,” Jurgen says. “EE is a perfect training ground for IT people, allowing you to keep practicing skills that you might have forgotten if you start working in a different field now. That’s a win-win scenario.”

Since joining the site in 1998, Jurgen has amassed close to 14 million points and 27 certifications including four Genius certificates in Windows Programming, C++ Programming Language, C Programming Language and Windows MFC Programming.

Jurgen is also an Experts Exchange Page Editor and Zone Advisor.

But the hardest problem Jurgen has had to solve has not been on Experts Exchange. A few years ago, he was asked to write a space allocator for a UDF2 file system that was used for live video recording, which means it had to work on the fly.

“I still get shivers thinking about the debugging session,” Jurgen says.

And the hardest non-tech related problem he’s had to solve? Various cooking sessions, of course.

Indeed, whether it’s developing software, solving people’s technology problems or mastering the culinary arts, Jurgen exudes joy in all that he does. Now that’s a solution I think we can all accept.