Kudos & Milestones: June 2014

Posted by · June 4, 2014 5:25 pm

Lifetime Members: Three members of Experts Exchange have earned membership in the Five-Million Point Club, earning them lifetime memberships at Experts Exchange. They are carl_tawn, mark_wills and JDettman.

New Geniuses: Three members of Experts Exchange earned Genius certificates in the past four weeks. They are NB_VC, who also reached the 1,000,000 point level overall; Sembee2, whose second Genius certificate is in Outlook; and Gary_The_IT_Pro, whose first 1,000,000-point t-shirt is for AS-400 Programming.


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
MikeToole .NET Programming Guru
devlab2012 .NET Programming Master
jimhorn .NET Programming Master
ThinkPaper Active Directory Guru
bbao Active Directory Master
justinyeung Active Directory Master
arnold Active Directory Wizard
cgaliher Active Directory Wizard
GaryC123 Adobe Dreamweaver Master
breadtan Anti-Spyware Master
jcimarron Anti-Spyware Master
moh10ly Anti-Spyware Master
sigurarm Apple OS Guru
serialband Apple Software Master
Gary_The_IT_Pro AS-400 Programming Genius
patil786 ASP.NET Guru
astroutkarsh ASP.NET Master
patil786 C# Master
tagit C# Master
angelIII ColdFusion Language Master
kiranvj CSS Master
Merete Desktops Master
diverseit Email Clients Master
diggisaur Email Servers Master
jjmck Email Software Master
TechSoEasy Email Software Master
rindi Embedded Hardware Master
breadtan Encryption Sage
achaldave Exchange Guru
evrydayzawrkday Exchange Guru
MDMOJAHID Exchange Guru
becraig Exchange Master
DavisMcCarn Exchange Master
Marshalhubs Exchange Master
suriyaehnop Exchange Sage
aarontomosky Hardware Firewalls Guru
sangamc Hardware Firewalls Wizard
DanCraciun HTML Master
padas Images and Photos Master
mccarl J2EE Sage
mdshahbrains JavaScript Master
The_Big_Daddy JavaScript Wizard
mdshahbrains jQuery Master
ve3ofa Laptops/Notebooks Master
gheist Linux Sage
becraig Microsoft IIS Web Server Guru
slightwv Microsoft OS Master
web_tracker Microsoft OS Master
vadimrapp1 Misc Databases Guru
TempDBA Misc Databases Master
Sharath_123 Misc Databases Wizard
julianH Misc Web Dev Guru
R-Byter Misc Web Dev Master
tagit Misc Web Dev Wizard
SunBow Miscellaneous Guru
Tiras25 Miscellaneous Wizard
viki2000 Miscellaneous Wizard
GaryC123 Mobile Web Master
PatHartman MS Access Sage
ACH1LLES MS Applications Guru
ve3ofa MS Applications Wizard
RobSampson MS DOS Guru
NB_VC MS Excel Genius
n_swapnil MS Excel Guru
HarryHYLee MS Office Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Office Wizard
hanccocka MS Server Apps Master
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
DavisMcCarn MS Server OS Guru
clonyxlro MS Server OS Master
plug1 MS Server OS Master
Kvwielink MS SQL Server Master
ve3ofa MS SQL Server 2008 Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Word Guru
tailoreddigital MultiMedia Applications Master
CodeCruiser MySQL Server Master
dtodd MySQL Server Master
ScottPletcher MySQL Server Master
arnold MySQL Server Sage
craigbeck Network Design & Methodology Wizard
mikebernhardt Network Design & Methodology Wizard
donjohnston Network Management Guru
thinkpads_user Office / Productivity Guru
Sembee2 Outlook Genius
bigeven2002 Outlook Master
diggisaur Outlook Master
evrydayzawrkday Outlook Master
thinkpads_user Peripherals Master
Arrow_1 PHP Master
eemit PHP Master
tommyBoy PHP Master
justinyeung Powershell Master
John_Vidmar Query Syntax Master
DanCraciun Regular Expressions Master
leakim971 Regular Expressions Master
sekarc4u Remote Access Master
DMTechGrooup Routers Master
henkva Routers Master
diggisaur SBS Small Business Server Master
rbarnhardt SBS Small Business Server Master
DanCraciun Scripting Languages Master
gerwinjansen Scripting Languages Master
TerryAtOpus Scripting Languages Master
TG-TIS Server Hardware Master
Rgonzo1971 Spreadsheets Master
becraig SSL / HTTPS Master
harish_varghese SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
sarabande Visual C++.NET Wizard
aadih Vulnerabilities Master
dbrunton Web Languages/Standards Master
MaheshPM Windows 2003 Server Guru
totallytonto Windows 2003 Server Guru
craigbeck Windows 2003 Server Master
diggisaur Windows 2003 Server Master
becraig Windows 7 Master
bigeven2002 Windows 7 Master
btdownloads7 Windows 7 Master
serialband Windows 7 Master
joewinograd Windows 7 Sage
DavisMcCarn Windows 7 Wizard
craigbeck Windows Networking Guru
lionelmm Windows OS Master
rrjmin0 Windows OS Master
arnold Windows OS Wizard
CincyItSolutions Windows Server 2008 Master
cwstad2 Windows Server 2008 Master
diggisaur Windows Server 2008 Master
Harel66 Windows Server 2008 Master
jrhelgeson Windows Server 2008 Master
lionelmm Windows Server 2008 Master
Merete Windows Server 2008 Master
ozzeczek Windows Server 2008 Master
schnellsolutions Windows Server 2008 Master
MaheshPM Windows Server 2008 Sage
thinkpads_user Wireless Hardware Guru