Kfalandays: Self Made Woman

Posted by · August 23, 2012 10:42 am

While searching for a job as an elementary teacher in the late 70s and early 80s, Karen Falandays (known as kfalandays to the Experts Exchange community) an ad looking for a teacher at a training company.  Little did she know she would be asked to teach computers—a subject she knew nothing about.

“The owner convinced me that it would be easier to teach me to use a computer than it would be to train a techie to be a teacher,” Karen says.  “I was the first instructor hired for the six person company. That was in 1982, so the computers were DOS base IBM PC jrs with 2 floppy drives. The programs I trained on were Lotus 123, dBase, Symphony, Multimate and WordPerfect.”

Apparently, Karen’s boss was right and computer training turned out to be her forte’.  In 1985 she started her own computer training and consulting business–PC Resource–and continues to enjoy a successful training career to this day.

Currently, Karen resides in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband Bill.  The now empty nesters raised three children together: Jake, Kallie and Ben.  But just because there aren’t kids in the house anymore doesn’t mean Karen is bored.  Her job alone would be enough to keep her busy, but Karen is also an avid reader and television viewer who loves nothing more than sitting beside the pool with a cold drink in her hand.  Oh, and did we mention that she is also a Zone Advisor, Outlook Groupware Software Wizard and Microsoft Access Master on Experts Exchange?

“I was hired for a training migration project that was way behind schedule ( I think an upgrade to Office 2000). The company was paying me to just sit and wait. I was so bored, so while surfing the Internet I found Experts Exchange and started answering support questions. Eventually AnnieMod invited me to do cleanup and then join as a Page Expert,” Karen says.

For Karen, participating on Experts Exchange keeps her learning and finding new tips and tricks.  Something she says that her inner geek loves! While the most interesting problem she’s ever had to solve hasn’t necessarily been on the site, her love of problem solving in general is what makes her such a great member of the Experts Exchange community.

“I love developing, designing and delivering training programs that best suit the customer’s needs,” Karen says. “The customer’s satisfaction is my best reward.”

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with Karen in the Microsoft Outlook or Access zones, it’s safe to say you’ve been greatly rewarded as well.