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Topic Advisor padas came across a question from jaymenagy about the “pros and cons” of procedural vs. object-oriented programming in PHP. He got responses from ChrisStanyon, Ray_Paseur, jmiller1979 and a short aside from aikimark that summed up the discussion succinctly. If you’re not sure what the difference is and when you should use which, this is a great thread no matter what language you’re using.

dwillpower needed to figure out a way to parse a text file into columns in Excel so it could be imported into an Access database. aikimark wrote a simple little routine to import the file directly into Access, and then followed that up with a query to help look at the data. dwillpower’s reaction: Rockstar!

TechSoEasy has been pretty busy over the last couple of years, but when he shows up at Experts Exchange, good things happen for users of Small Business Server. Marshalk upgraded, and when he did, he couldn’t find his shared calendar. TSE offered him a pretty simple suggestion, and when it worked, Marshalk said: Done and done. I thank you for your assistance in this. I guess lack of sleep did not help because this answer was too easy. I really appreciate your perspective as I would not have thought to “reboot” in my present state of mind. Again, I truely [sic] appreciate your help. Jeff is a lifesaver.

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