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BrianEsser is a “novice C# programmer” who was trying to rewrite some code for his Windows 7 computer, and got help from robberbaron: Sure do appreciate EE and their Experts 100% SOLVED. Learned a ton in the process. Thanks!

Five Million Point Club: carl_tawn is the newest member of the Five-Million Point Club. That gains him a lifetime membership and the enduring gratitude of not only the company, but the community as well.


New Ace: hdhondt has earned his Ace certificate in Printers.

New Geniuses: Two Experts Exchange members have earned their first Genius certificates. They are acbrown2010 in Active Directory and BriCrowe in MS SQL Server.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
lcohan .NET Programming Master
robberbaron .NET Programming Master
acbrown2010 Active Directory Genius
MaheshPM Active Directory Wizard
DanCraciun Adobe Photoshop Master
Sharath_123 ASP.NET Master
FernandoSoto ASP.NET Sage
mroonal ASP.NET Sage
jorge_toriz C# Master
jtwcs CSS Guru
Nicobo DB Reporting Tools Master
TheLearnedOne DB Reporting Tools Master
DrDave242 DNS Sage
dbrunton Embedded Hardware Master
dvz Enterprise Software Master
jrhelgeson Exchange Guru
DaveBaldwin Fonts Master
TimotiSt Hardware Firewalls Master
The_Big_Daddy HTML Guru
PierreC JavaScript Master
Slick812 Jquery Master
strung Laptops/Notebooks Master
skullnobrains Linux Distributions Master
gheist Linux OS Dev Master
The_Big_Daddy Microsoft IIS Web Server Master
joewinograd Misc Hardware Guru
Soulja Misc Networking Wizard
rindi Misc Security Master
Sembee2 MS Applications Master
hgholt MS Excel Guru
Kimputer MS Excel Master
DanCraciun MS Office Master
Rgonzo1971 MS PowerPoint Master
lionelmm MS Server OS Master
TG-TIS MS Server OS Master
BriCrowe MS SQL Server Genius
Buttercup1 MS SQL Server Guru
ste5an MS SQL Server Master
kenboonejr Network Analysis Master
SreRaj Outlook Master
DanCraciun Powershell Master
hdhondt Printers Ace
kaufmed Python Master
craigbeck Routers Sage
mwecomputers Server Hardware Master
billprew Shell Scripting Wizard
gcl_hk Switches / Hubs Master
nobus System Utilities Sage
Mutawadi Virtualization Guru
spravtek Virtualization Master
robberbaron Visual Basic.NET Master
PeteLong VPN Wizard
padas Web Applications Master
DaveBaldwin Web Services Master
takecoffe Windows 2003 Server Master
MaheshPM Windows 7 Master
merowinger Windows OS Master
ram_kerala Windows Server 2008 Master
Sembee2 Windows Server 2008 Sage
xBouchardx Windows Server 2012 Master
joewinograd Windows XP Master
eemit WordPress Master