Kudos & Milestones: April 2015

Posted by · April 1, 2015 6:07 am


New Ace: kaufmed reached the 2,500,000 point level for the third time, in Visual Basic.NET.

New Genius: AndyAinscow has earned his third Genius certificate, in C# Programming.


fskilnik had a question about changing a stored procedure, and accidentally selected a wrong answer. Luckily Qlemo caught it and his Topic Advisor tools to reopen the question to get fskilnik a correct answer. fskilnik was impressed:

I would like to mention (here, “in public”) that I WROTE for the moderators (asking to reopen the post) BEFORE Qlemo posted his last interaction. I didn’t know he was/is a Topic Advisor until his last interaction, by the way. In other words, he (Qlemo) could NOT be MORE ethical. I am really impressed on that. This is one more reason to believe Experts Exchange is THE place!

dmullis had what she thought was a fairly simple CSS problem, but after her discussion with Slick812, Ray_Paseur, Kravimir and padas, she found she had learned far more than she expected:

Thank you all for your research and insights into this issue. I appreciate all of you. I am going to award points.

I am limited to 500 and I think each of you deserve some points. Slick put in the most work and even did a great design so I feel he needs 500 points just for that. I am not sure how to get a moderator to do that yet. If anyone knows, let me. I would give Scott 300 , slick 500, Ray and Kravimir 100 each for trying to help, and putting up with my frustration. Ray thanks for tip on Dev Tools.

Brahmanatha had a similar problem with his style sheet, and again padas stepped up:

Outstanding. Original question is solved! And learning about the fact that padding is part of the element is really a key… I did request attention, asked my comment be changed to “Thanks Scott, you got us pointed in the right direction” and upgrade from C to A.

Now, I must not rest on these little laurels as there’s still 507 errors to fix, but I have taken you persistent push to heart and thank you for that. I may not finish today I promise not to just put it on the shelf… as you say.. it’s only going make things harder in the future. I appreciate your focus on this, really! Aloha from Kauai! if I had a postal address I would send something…

padas picked up more props after helping princeservice negotiate passing wild card variables:

Once again Scott, you are the man. I hope one day I will be able to pass this information on to someone else.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
The_Big_Daddy .NET Programming Master
DaveBaldwin .NET Programming Wizard
aarontomosky Active Directory Master
cmsxpjh Active Directory Master
DrDave242 Active Directory Wizard
thinkpads_user Adobe Acrobat Guru
DaveBaldwin Adobe Dreamweaver Guru
rindi Anti-Virus Apps Guru
gheist Application Servers Master
RainerJ ASP.NET Guru
eghtebas ASP.NET Master
LokeshBR ASP.NET Master
OriNetworks ASP.NET Master
shalomc Azure Master
MaximVeeam Backup / Restore Master
AndyAinscow C# Genius
najam_ftp C# Master
apeter C# Sage
ve3ofa C# Wizard
ffleisma Cisco PIX/ASA Master
aleghart Components Guru
leew Displays / Monitors Master
leew DNS Guru
footech DNS Wizard
arnold Email Clients Master
eoinosullivan Email Clients Master
thinkpads_user Email Protocols Master
Spec01 Email Servers Guru
DaveHowe Exchange Guru
Baumchi Exchange Master
bbao Exchange Master
vasilcho Exchange Sage
savone File Sharing Software Master
Tocacar FileMaker Pro Guru
DansDadUK Fonts Master
smckeown777 Hardware Firewalls Master
ambience JavaScript Master
lenamtl JavaScript Master
RainerJ JavaScript Sage
tommyBoy jQuery Wizard
tommyBoy JScript Master
mugojava Linux Master
Mazdajai Linux Distributions Guru
paulsauve Math / Science Master
Sembee2 Microsoft IIS Web Server Guru
MaheshPM Microsoft IIS Web Server Master
becraig Microsoft OS Guru
Spec01 Microsoft OS Guru
ashwynr Microsoft OS Master
lherrou Misc Hardware Master
viki2000 Misc Hardware Master
Merete Misc Hardware Wizard
gheist Misc Programming Master
DaveBaldwin Misc Security Guru
tzucker Misc Software Master
pcelba MS Access Guru
cgaliher MS Applications Master
saurabh726 MS Development Master
fryezz MS Excel Master
jeffld MS Excel Master
K8E314 MS Excel Master
Nick67 MS Excel Master
jaynee MS Office Master
Spec01 MS Office Master
Sembee2 MS Server Apps Master
dkotte MS Server OS Master
CodeCruiser MS SharePoint Master
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
cgaliher MS SQL Server Master
wpcortes MS SQL Server Master
ste5an MS SQL Server Wizard
John_Vidmar MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
andyalder MS SQL Server 2008 Master
fyed MS SQL Server 2008 Master
marqusG MySQL Server Guru
gheist MySQL Server Master
giltjr Network Design & Methodology Wizard
craigbeck Network Management Wizard
aarontomosky Networking Hardware Guru
ve3ofa Office / Productivity Master
Sembee2 Office 365 Master
angelleye PHP Master
Spec01 Powershell Guru
amitkulshrestha Powershell Master
sirbounty Powershell Master
RobSampson Powershell Wizard
rindi Printers Guru
thinkpads_user Printers Wizard
chaau Query Syntax Guru
markgeer Query Syntax Master
Spike99 Remote Access Master
Akinsd Routers Guru
ffleisma Routers Master
lucasbishop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Master
ve3ofa Server Software Master
saurabh726 Spreadsheets Wizard
gerwinjansen Storage Master
hanccocka Switches / Hubs Guru
Nick67 VB Script Master
ltlbearand3 VB Script Wizard
MartinLiss VB Script Wizard
fyed Visual Basic Classic Guru
kaufmed Visual Basic.NET Ace
ve3ofa Visual Basic.NET Guru
Qlemo Visual Basic.NET Master
mas_oz2003 Visual Basic.NET Sage
Mazdajai VMware Master
Qlemo VMware Master
noci Voice Over IP Master
breadtan VPN Guru
The_Big_Daddy Web Applications Master
jeremyjared74 Web Dev Software Master
gr8gonzo Web Servers Master
dlethe Windows 7 Guru
drmiket Windows 7 Master
gheist Windows 7 Master
NewVillageIT Windows 7 Master
tzucker Windows 8 Master
NewVillageIT Windows Batch Master
arnold Windows Networking Guru
RobSampson Windows Networking Master
Qlemo Windows OS Wizard
Number-1 Windows Server 2008 Guru
awawada Windows Server 2008 Master
kprad Windows Server 2008 Master
NewVillageIT Windows Server 2008 Master
McKnife Windows Server 2008 Sage
DrDave242 Windows Server 2008 Wizard
hypercat Windows Server 2008 Wizard
hyuITS Windows Server 2012 Guru
totallytonto Windows Server 2012 Master
Eirman Windows XP Master
tapanpattanaik Windows XP Master
kenboonejr Wireless Networking Master
laughhearty WordPress Master
lenamtl WordPress Master

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