Kudos & Milestones: April 3, 2014

Posted by · April 3, 2014 11:24 am

Thanks to aikimark, who came to the aid of JohnRobinAllen, who was trying to figure out how to clear a VBA collection. The solution included a link tomatthewspatrick’s article on using the Dictionary classAikimark’s solution is beautiful and elegant. I’m most grateful and will use it frequently.

crp0499 was looking for a document that spelled out a migrating mail to Office 365, and got help from TechSoEasyThanks. Can I give u more points? 🙂, to which Jeff replied, Sure! Send ’em to me so I can buy lots of new stuff!


New Prodigy: barryhoudini has earned 5,000,000 points in Microsoft Excel.

New Aces: nobus has earned his third Ace certificate, in Laptops/Notebooks, while DaveBaldwin has earned his first, inPHP.

My First Million: Reaching 1,000,000 points in March were skullnobrainstotallytontoZberteocpony10us and nickg5.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Sembee2 Active Directory Wizard
julianH ASP.NET Guru
hjgode C# Master
Coralon Citrix Wizard
breadtan Consulting Master
MASQUERAID Desktops Guru
RobinD EE Lounge Master
andyalder Embedded Hardware Master
cmsxpjh Exchange Master
mkline71 Exchange Wizard
robert_schutt HTML Guru
arnold IP Telephony Master
slightwv Java Master
kaufmed Jquery Master
nobus Laptops/Notebooks Ace
it4soho Linux Distributions Guru
arnold Microsoft IIS Web Server Guru
jason1178 Microsoft IIS Web Server Master
hypercat Microsoft OS Guru
davorin Microsoft OS Master
Patricksr1972 Microsoft OS Master
vivigatt Microsoft OS Master
lionelmm Microsoft OS Wizard
DaveBaldwin Misc Hardware Guru
web_tracker Misc Hardware Master
dpk_wal Misc Networking Guru
nutsch Misc Programming Master
thinkpads_user Misc Software Guru
brundo Misc Web Dev Master
quizengine Misc Web Dev Master
RainerJ MS Access Master
DanCraciun MS Excel Master
duttcom MS Excel Master
barryhoudini MS Excel Prodigy
vasilcho MS Office Master
seth2740 MS Server OS Master
Kdo MS SQL Server Guru
finalword MS Word Wizard
joewinograd MultiMedia Applications Master
paulsauve MultiMedia Applications Master
mankowitz MySQL Server Sage
kenboonejr Network Design & Methodology Guru
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Qlemo Network Design & Methodology Master
breadtan Network Management Guru
eeRoot Network Operations Master
breadtan Network Security Sage
TimotiSt Networking Hardware Guru
carlmd Networking Hardware Master
Quori Networking Hardware Master
Darr247 Networking Hardware Sage
Rgonzo1971 Outlook Master
strivoli Outlook Master
DaveBaldwin PHP Ace
padas PHP Guru
Echo_S Presentation Software Master
phoffric Programming Theory Master
ihasham SBS Small Business Server Master
dragon-it Scripting Languages Guru
merowinger Scripting Languages Master
Tintin Scripting Languages Sage
totallytonto Server Hardware Master
gowflow Spreadsheets Master
jimhorn SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Guru
Frosty555 Storage Master
DaveBaldwin Unix OS Master
MacroShadow VB Script Master
SriVaddadi Visual Basic.NET Master
ElrondCT Visual Basic.NET Wizard
SagiEDoc VMware Master
spravtek VMware Master
takecoffe VMware Master
GaryC123 Web Dev Software Master
The_Big_Daddy Web Languages/Standards Master
skullnobrains Web Servers Master
DanCraciun Windows 7 Master
MaheshPM Windows Networking Master
seth2740 Windows OS Master
janpakula Windows Server 2008 Master
-Scorpeo- Windows Server 2008 Master
sgupta1181 Windows Server 2008 Master
MaheshPM Windows Server 2012 Guru
McKnife Windows Server 2012 Master
robert_schutt XML Guru