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Posted by · August 2, 2014 1:05 pm


gibneyt wanted to bring a specific set of information from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access database, and got a ton of help from aikimark: Wow. Can you see my head spinning? I might be able to incorporate half of that in the next month if I’m lucky… Thanks so much, much more than I expected but then this is Experts Exchange.

sdruss was looking for a script to help parse a table creation script, and wilcoxon went through several iterations to get it to right: Thanks! Got it. It is now working perfectly for me. Again really, really appreciate. wilcoxon gave me outstanding support. Extremely knowledgeable and very patient.

Gary_The_IT_Pro gave a lesson in how to answer questions by helping bretbrikNXT with identifying automated regression test tools for Windows applications: Superb response. Appreciate that kind of feedback. Funny how questions are often the answers. Excellent!! One that goes into the bucket of “here’s why I would pay for a service instead of googling for the answer.”

Ray_Paseur puts a lot of work into articles like his one on PHP sessions being easier than you think and it’s paid off – he has been awarded Editors’ Choice status. But what really keeps him going are comments like this from keith1001: I also want to thank Ray for answering a lot of my questions, teaching me the correct way to do things, and these articles. Ray, more articles, please 🙂

New Prodigy: JDettman has reached the 5,000,000 point level in Microsoft Access. In addition to his work in this topic area, Jim is a Topic Adviser and Page Editor, and also authored one of the very first articles on Experts Exchange. He is also a Microsoft MVP and a member of the Product Advisory Committee, working to improve Experts Exchange.

New Geniuses: padas has earned his second Genius certificate, in HTML, while PortletPaul, last year’s Rookie of the Year, has picked up the first of what will probably be many in Microsoft SQL Server. Congratulations to all!

My First Million: Reaching the 1,000,000 point level in June were dvz, kozaiwaniec, seth2740, Mutawadi and diggisaur.

Reaching that 1,000,000 benchmark in July were willmcn, becraig and MacroShadow. Well done!


  • hanccocka has earned 17,000,000 points overall, the ninth member to reach that level. He is also the second member to earn 6,000,000 points in two topic areas: Virtualization and VMware (the latter of which he has over 14,000,000 points).
  • Ray_Paseur has earned 17,000,000 points in PHP.
  • demazter is the 39th member to earn 10,000,000 points overall.
  • thinkpads_user has garnered 9,000,000 points since joining Experts Exchange.
  • FernandoSoto has earned 3,000,000 points in VB.NET, the second topic area in which he has reached that milestone.
  • donjohnston has earned 2,000,000 points in both the Routers and Hubs & Switches topic areas.
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
hjgode .NET Programming Guru
mpfister Active Directory Guru
Learnctx Active Directory Master
MaheshPM Active Directory Sage
premglitz Active Directory Wizard
ve3ofa Active Directory Wizard
The_Big_Daddy AJAX Master
Sembee2 AntiSpam Software Master
nobus Anti-Virus Apps Guru
tzucker Anti-Virus Apps Wizard
thinkpads_user Apple OS Master
giltjr Backup / Restore Master
dpk_wal Broadband Master
AlexCode CSS Master
paulmacd CSS Master
DaveBaldwin Digital Music Master
nanharbison Drupal Guru
SunBow Email Clients Master
allenfalcon Exchange Master
S_K_S Exchange Master
ZENandEmailguy Exchange Master
diggisaur Exchange Sage
diverseit Hardware Firewalls Sage
padas HTML Genius
mroonal HTML Master
rpoole69 HTML Master
jyparask jQuery Master
joewinograd Laptops/Notebooks Master
gr8gonzo Linux Master
spravtek Linux Master
ThomasMcA2 Linux Master
gheist Linux Security Master
richrumble Linux Security Master
ComputerTechie Microsoft OS Guru
joinaunion Microsoft OS Master
mnkhawaja Microsoft OS Master
radhakrishnan2007 Microsoft OS Master
gheist Misc Hardware Master
gheist Misc Networking Sage
hanccocka Misc Software Master
Michael-Best Misc Software Master
The_Big_Daddy Misc Web Dev Guru
RobertNZana Misc Web Dev Master
ste5an MS Access Master
JDettman MS Access Prodigy
paulsauve MS Applications Guru
GlennLRay MS Applications Master
fyed MS Development Guru
pgnatyuk MS Development Guru
sarabande MS Development Guru
ryanmccauley MS Development Master
JamesBurger MS Development Wizard
FamousMortimer MS Excel Guru
Qlemo MS Excel Guru
Angelp1ay MS Excel Master
duncanb7 MS Excel Master
buttersk MS Excel Wizard
hgholt MS Office Master
Merete MS Office Master
MaheshPM MS Server OS Guru
PowerEdgeTech MS Server OS Master
SagiEDoc MS Server OS Master


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
vasilcho MS SharePoint Master
PortletPaul MS SQL Server Genius
emoreau MS SQL Server Sage
DaveBaldwin MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
Kvwielink MS SQL Server 2008 Master
Russell_Fox MS SQL Server 2008 Master
MacroShadow MS Word Master
COBOLdinosaur MySQL Server Master
PortletPaul MySQL Server Wizard
richrumble Network Analysis Master
aarontomosky Network Management Master
craigbeck Network Operations Guru
diverseit Network Operations Master
gheist Networking Hardware Master
GlennLRay Office / Productivity Master
paulsauve Office / Productivity Master
joewinograd Outlook Master
thinkpads_user PCs Guru
iangough7 PHP Master
aikimark Query Syntax Guru
rpoole69 Query Syntax Master
LSMConsulting Query Syntax Sage
Miftaul Routers Master
Robert_Turner SBS Small Business Server Master
gerwinjansen Shell Scripting Guru
MikeOM_DBA Shell Scripting Guru
DaveHowe Software Firewalls Master
breadtan SSL / HTTPS Guru
ScottPletcher SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
gheist Storage Guru
anoopkmr Switches / Hubs Master
naderz Switches / Hubs Master
thinkpads_user Switches / Hubs Master
craigbeck Switches / Hubs Sage
Qlemo TCP/IP Guru
serialband Unix OS Master
HooKooDooKu Visual Basic Classic Wizard
aarontomosky VMware Master
isk-ck VMware Master
seth2740 VMware Master
ve3ofa VMware Master
Abhilashhb VMware Wizard
GaryC123 Web Browsers Guru
tzucker Web Browsers Master
COBOLdinosaur Web Components Master
gauthampj Web Services and WCF Master
giveandtake638 Windows 2003 Server Master
giveandtake638 Windows 7 Master
PantherTech Windows 7 Master
rindi Windows 8 Guru
henjoh09 Windows OS Master
n2fc Windows OS Master
evrydayzawrkday Windows Server 2008 Master
Subsun Windows Server 2008 Wizard
leew Windows Server 2012 Guru
becraig Windows Server 2012 Master
hanccocka Windows Server 2012 Wizard
MaheshPM Windows Server 2012 Wizard
GaryC123 WordPress Guru
chilternPC WordPress Master