Kudos & Milestones: December 2013 */?> Kudos & Milestones: December 2013

Posted by · December 5, 2013 5:05 pm

Kudos: Th0R was trying to change the formatting of the data in Excel spreadsheets without having to manually go through thousands of lines. After reading a couple of comments and asking one question, aikimarkposted a short bit of code that solved the problem: You are one of the reasons this site is so great. Works like a charm! Couldn’t have done it without you!


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
GaryC123 .NET Programming Master
keustermans .NET Programming Master
Raj-GT Active Directory Master
Subsun Active Directory Sage
ChrisStanyon AJAX Guru
bportlock Apache Web Server Guru
Psy053 Backup / Restore Master
erniebeek Cisco PIX/ASA Genius
TimotiSt Cisco PIX/ASA Master
marqusG Delphi Master
arnold DHCP Master
DaveBaldwin Email Clients Guru
Enphyniti Email Servers Master
R–R Email Servers Master
DavisMcCarn Hardware Components Guru
dlethe Hardware Components Wizard
AlexCode HTML Master
Merete Internet / Email Software Master
Darr247 Internet Protocols Master
jb1dev Java Master
DropZone JavaScript Master
COBOLdinosaur Jquery Guru
ansudhindra JScript Master
serialband Mac OS X Master
nobus Microsoft OS Genius
strivoli Microsoft OS Master
AlexPace Misc Networking Master
arnold Misc Networking Wizard
Cyber-spy Misc Web Dev Master
DaveBaldwin Miscellaneous Guru
Flyster MS Access Wizard
MartinLiss MS Applications Guru
jimhorn MS Development Guru
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
HarryHYLee MS Excel Guru
HayesJupe MS Server OS Guru
gsimos MS Server OS Master
yo_bee MS Server OS Master
skipper68 MS SharePoint Master
jacko72 MS SQL Server Guru
jonnidip MS SQL Server Master
BriCrowe SQL Server 2005 Master
agux3e SQL Server 2008 Master
jackieman MS Word Master
amar_bardoliwala MySQL Server Master
_agx_ MySQL Server Wizard
rauenpc Networking Hardware Guru
Geert_Gruwez Oracle Database Wizard
ozo Prog Languages Wizard
jacko72 Query Syntax Master
sjwales Query Syntax Master
Frosty555 Routers Master
hanccocka Server Software Master
xterm Shell Scripting Master
Nicobo SQL Reporting Sage
rauenpc Switches / Hubs Guru
hanccocka Virtualization Prodigy
JamesBurger Visual Basic Classic Master
jyparask Visual Basic.NET Guru
AlexCode Visual Basic.NET Wizard
busbar VMware Master
diverseit VPN Master
McKnife Windows OS Guru
djsharma Windows Svr 2008 Master
hhaywood000 Windows Svr 2008 Wizard
jakob_di Wireless Networking Wizard
ChrisStanyon XML Master