Kudos & Milestones: December 2014

Posted by · December 2, 2014 9:28 am


New Ace: emoreau, who joined Experts Exchange in 1998, has reached the Ace level for the second time, in VB.NET.

New Geniuses: DaveBaldwin reached the 1,000,000 point level in both Miscellaneous Web Development and MySQL, bringing the number of Genius certificates he has earned to four. jason1178’s fifth Genius rank came in HTML; he also surpassed 2,000,000 points in Miscellaneous Web Development, the third topic area in which he has that many points. Earning their second Genius certificates were dbrunton, in Miscellaneous Hardware and MartinLiss in Visual Basicd-glitch reached the 1,000,000 point level for the first time in Math & Science.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
sarabande .NET Programming Guru
COBOLdinosaur .NET Programming Master
thinkpads_user .NET Programming Master
MPECSInc Active Directory Guru
Qlemo Active Directory Guru
Rajitha14 Active Directory Master
BillDL Adobe Photoshop Master
breadtan Apache Web Server Master
serialband Apple OS Guru
it_saige ASP.NET Master
Mishu007 ASP.NET Master
rawinnlnx9 ASP.NET Master
ged325 ASP.NET Sage
ve3ofa ASP.NET Wizard
JamesBurger C# Sage
Fidelius Cisco PIX/ASA Master
PeteLong DHCP Master
PaciB DNS Guru
pwindell DNS Master
seth2740 DNS Master
NRhode Email Servers Master
becraig Exchange Guru
hyuITS Exchange Master
Kimputer Exchange Master
Morty500UK Exchange Master
thims Exchange Master
tshearon Exchange Master
equalizer Hardware Firewalls Master
Fidelius Hardware Firewalls Master
myramu Hardware Firewalls Master
breadtan Hardware Firewalls Wizard
jason1178 HTML Genius
Slick812 HTML Guru
Merete Images and Photos Wizard
thinkpads_user iOS Master
ozo J2EE Master
rrz@871311 Java Sage
rikin_shah JavaScript Guru
shahzadfatehali jQuery Master
noxcho Laptops/Notebooks Guru
DaveBaldwin Linux Wizard
savone Linux Wizard
savone Linux Distributions Guru
d-glitch Math / Science Genius
aarontomosky Microsoft OS Master
diggisaur Microsoft OS Master
wasimibm Misc Databases Master
dbrunton Misc Hardware Genius
masnrock Misc Networking Wizard
pcelba Misc Programming Master
McKnife Misc Security Guru
Merete Misc Security Master
dbrunton Misc Software Guru
gheist Misc Software Master
DaveBaldwin Misc Web Dev Genius
breadtan Misc Web Dev Master
mGozreh MS Access Guru
The_Barman MS Access Master
MartinLiss MS Development Master
Filecats MS Excel Guru
ProfessorJimJam MS Excel Guru
jmiller1979 MS Excel Master
SimonAdept MS Excel Master
hgholt MS Excel Wizard
MASQUERAID MS Hardware Master
clayfox MS Office Guru
EricFletcher MS Office Guru
nobus MS Office Master
Drashiel MS Server OS Master
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
nobus MS Server OS Master
Neilsr MS SharePoint Master
samo4fun MS SQL Server Master
chaau MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
Filecats MS SQL Server 2008 Master
samo4fun MS SQL Server 2008 Master
sarabhai MS SQL Server 2008 Master
The_Big_Daddy MS SQL Server 2008 Master
VMontalvao MS SQL Server 2008 Wizard
DaveBaldwin MySQL Server Genius
aleghart Network Management Master
thinkpads_user Network Operations Master
ve3ofa Network Security Master
breadtan Networking Hardware Guru
alanhardisty Office 365 Master
thinkpads_user Office 365 Master
gheist Oracle Database Master
sanjeevlabh Oracle Database Master
simon3270 Perl Master
gawai PHP Wizard
JoeKlimis Powershell Guru
Rajitha14 Powershell Guru
jgrantom Powershell Master
becraig Powershell Wizard
angelIII Prog Languages Guru
Kdo Prog Languages Master
samo4fun Query Syntax Master
MaheshPM Remote Access Master
crnins Routers Master
pony10us Routers Master
ve3ofa SBS Small Business Server Guru
ve3ofa Scripting Languages Master
savone Shell Scripting Master
tel2 Shell Scripting Master
thinkpads_user Software Firewalls Master
Kvwielink SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
aarontomosky Storage Guru
DrKlahn Storage Master
jodylemoine Switches / Hubs Guru
Rgonzo1971 VB Script Guru
cactus_data VB Script Master
vadimrapp1 VB Script Master
MartinLiss Visual Basic Classic Genius
Rgonzo1971 Visual Basic Classic Guru
DaveBaldwin Visual Basic Classic Master
Nick67 Visual Basic Classic Master
emoreau Visual Basic.NET Ace
MrHusy VPN Guru
aarontomosky VPN Master
GaryC123 Web Applications Guru
oBdA Windows 7 Guru
Eirman Windows 7 Master
jgrantom Windows 7 Master
mcsween Windows 7 Master
gheist Windows Networking Master
nobus Windows Networking Master
xxdcmast Windows Networking Master
cgaliher Windows OS Master
smckeown777 Windows OS Master
compdigit44 Windows Server 2008 Guru
SreRaj Windows Server 2008 Master
thinkpads_user Windows Server 2008 Wizard
xBouchardx Windows Server 2012 Guru
diggisaur Windows Server 2012 Master
DrDave242 Windows Server 2012 Master
thinkpads_user Wireless Networking Wizard
leakim971 WordPress Master
aikimark XML Master