Kudos & Milestones: February 2015

Posted by · February 3, 2015 3:21 pm


New Geniuses: rindi, a long-time member of the Topic Advisor team, has earned his sixth Genius certificate, in Linux Distributions. Reaching their first 1,000,000 point levels were footech, in Powershell, and diggisaur, in Exchange Server. Well done!

  • capricorn1, second overall in the Hall of Fame, has earned 28,000,000 points
  • hancocka has become just the fifth member to earn 20,000,000 points
  • TheLearnedOne reached the 18,000,000 points
  • By going over 2,000,000 points in SQL Server 2008, acperkins has reached that level in three different topic areas
  • Merete has earned 9,000,000 points since joining
  • Qlemo has reached the 7,000,000 points

My First Million:

Reaching the 1,000,000 point threshold in December were Kimputer, Bitsqueezer and fmarshall; they were joined in January by vasilcho, mankowitz and mattvmotas. Congratulations!


colonelblue searched high and low to find out how to hide — or not — some kinds of items on specific SharePoint pages. Topic Advisor teylyn got him squared away:

Happy Dance!!!! Teylyn you are a god! No one else in the web could answer it!
Thank you!!! Certified Genius!

Over the years, we’ve come to expect byundt to receive accolades when he posts sample workbooks like the one he did for elimishia’s question about counting blank rows:

[…] Dealing with Byundt has been a very positive experience. The solution was exactly what I wanted, enhanced by the many additional suggestions when it didn’t initially work (something I did). Added to that, the promptness of the help was amazing. Having an answer so quickly has directly effected productivity — positively. Thank-you.

Awarded Articles:

It’s been a while since we have highlighted articles, and there’s no time like the present to get caught up.

Consulting & Contracting: How to go out on your own by Jim Horn

More Fun with Really Large, High Fidelity Images in Access Reports by Nick67

Experts: Be alerted by email when a user mentions your name in a question by Terry Woods

Efficient String Clean-up — Removing Internal Duplicate Spaces by aikimark

A jQuery Progress Bar by Ray Paseur

10 Steps to Speed Up Your Website by Gary

CCTableTree – Display and edit hierarchy tables in Access continous forms without ActiveX by Bitsqueezer

Open Data APIs: Using technology to get more value from your government by marlon_rnr

Ye Olde Generic Parsing Module by MikeOM_DBA

Excel Conditional Formatting – The Better To See You With by Glenn Ray

How-To: Shrink a VMware Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) in 15 minutes by Andrew Hancock

What’s new with WordPress 3.7 & 3.8 by Matthew Kelly

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
it_saige .NET Programming Guru
Michael74 .NET Programming Guru
slightwv .NET Programming Guru
srosebabu .NET Programming Guru
Neilsr .NET Programming Master
ve3ofa .NET Programming Sage
it_saige Active Directory Master
joewinograd Adobe Acrobat Wizard
RainerJ AJAX Master
slightwv ASP.NET Guru
The_Big_Daddy ASP.NET Guru
sirbounty ASP.NET Master
ve3ofa Azure Master
TBone2K Backup / Restore Master
Michael74 C# Guru
louisfr C# Master
AlexCode C# Wizard
kevinhsieh Cisco PIX/ASA Master
thinkpads_user Cisco PIX/ASA Master
dkotte Citrix Sage
breadtan Cloud Computing Master
gheist Components Master
foobar_666uk Conferencing Software Master
tommyBoy CSS Sage
PortletPaul DB Reporting Tools Master
SatyaPathak Email Servers Master
DaveBaldwin Encryption Master
diggisaur Exchange Genius
hyuITS Exchange Guru
-Scorpeo- Exchange Guru
jessiepak Exchange Master
GaryC123 Internet Marketing Guru
sr75 IP Telephony Master
willlywilburwonka IP Telephony Sage
woolmilkporc IT Administration Master
gheist J2EE Master
mankowitz jQuery Master
breadtan Linux Master
ve3ofa Linux Master
rindi Linux Distributions Genius
uetian1707 Linux Distributions Master
ThomasMcA2 Lotus IBM Master
thinkpads_user Mac OS X Master
byundt Math / Science Master
angelIII Microsoft OS Master
dons6718 Microsoft OS Master
hyuITS Microsoft OS Master
Michael-Best Microsoft OS Master
WORKS2011 Microsoft OS Master
nickg5 Misc Hardware Master
thinkpads_user Misc Hardware Wizard
Spec01 Misc Networking Guru
footech Misc Networking Master
lionelmm Misc OS Master
GaryC123 Misc Programming Master
khkremer Misc Web Dev Master
MlandaT Misc Web Dev Master
zzynx Miscellaneous Guru
RobinD Miscellaneous Wizard
robberbaron MS Development Master
gowflow MS Office Wizard
npsingh123 MS Server Apps Guru
ve3ofa MS Server Apps Guru
feridun MS Server Apps Master
Razmus MS Server Apps Master
npsingh123 MS Server OS Guru
hyuITS MS Server OS Master
mnkhawaja MS Server OS Master
Iammontoya MS SharePoint Master
Daniel_PL MS SQL Server Guru
Filecats MS SQL Server Guru
SimonAdept MS SQL Server Master
kelvinsparks MS SQL Server 2005 Master
VMontalvao MS SQL Server 2005 Wizard
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Filecats MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
feridun MS SQL Server 2008 Master
JamesBurger MS SQL Server 2008 Master
SimonAdept MS SQL Server 2008 Master
EugeneZ MS SQL Server 2008 Sage
VMontalvao MS SQL Server 2008 Sage
jason1178 MultiMedia Applications Master
TimotiSt Network Operations Master
donjohnston Network Security Master
Otto_N Networking Hardware Master
craigbeck Networking Hardware Sage
hypercat Outlook Guru
GusGallows Outlook Master
hyuITS Outlook Master
limjianan Outlook Wizard
Michael-Best Peripherals Master
mankowitz PHP Wizard
footech Powershell Genius
dragon-it Powershell Master
JamesBurger Prog Languages Master
krakatoa Prog Languages Master
Qlemo Prog Languages Master
clockwatcher Python Wizard
arnold Query Syntax Master
PatHartman Query Syntax Master
thinkpads_user SBS Small Business Server Guru
hyuITS SBS Small Business Server Master
COBOLdinosaur Scripting Languages Guru
footech Scripting Languages Guru
aikimark Scripting Languages Master
Sembee2 Server Software Master
kaufmed Shell Scripting Master
savone SSH / Telnet Software Master
Filecats SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
Neilsr Storage Master
kevinhsieh Storage Wizard
thinkpads_user Tax / Financial Software Guru
Phonebuff Telecommunications Guru
gowflow VB Script Guru
DaveBaldwin VB Script Master
pratima_mcs Visual Basic Classic Master
it_saige Visual Basic.NET Guru
thinkpads_user VPN Wizard
ve3ofa Vulnerabilities Master
tagit Web Applications Master
padas Web Browsers Guru
SSharma Web Browsers Guru
_agx_ Web Dev Software Sage
_agx_ Web Languages/Standards Guru
jessiepak Windows 2003 Server Master
SelfGovern Windows 2003 Server Master
McKnife Windows 2003 Server Wizard
DTHConsulting Windows 7 Master
hyuITS Windows 7 Master
hanccocka Windows 7 Wizard
MASQUERAID Windows 8 Master
Spec01 Windows Networking Master
MaheshPM Windows OS Master
SSharma Windows OS Master
danmcfadden Windows Server 2008 Master
granwizzard Windows Server 2008 Master
it_saige Windows Server 2008 Master
Kimputer Windows Server 2008 Master
slightwv Windows Server 2008 Master
Stoner79 Windows Server 2008 Master
npsingh123 Windows Server 2008 Wizard
jgrantom Windows Server 2012 Master
noxcho Windows Server 2012 Master
rindi Windows Server 2012 Master
Spec01 Windows Server 2012 Master
thinkpads_user Windows Server 2012 Master
nobus Wireless Hardware Master
DavisMcCarn Wireless Networking Guru