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New Geniuses: DaveBaldwin, who has certificates in over 25% of topic areas, picked up his fifth Genius certificate in Cascading Style Sheets and also reached the 11,000,000 point level. Earning their third Genius t-shirts were cgaliher and PortletPaul, in Windows Server 2012 and SQL Query Syntax respectively. Reaching 1,000,000 points for the second time was mas_oz2003, in C# Programming.


Italiabella has been one of the most frequent users of the Copy Review topic areas, and took a few extra minutes to express appreciation to the people who have been providing assistance:

I want also to express my deep gratitude and Christmas wishes to you guys and your loved one. After losing my job I decided to open my IT company as my main daytime job and also I will be opening the second club at night in January as side job. I have a lot on my plate, working 7 days a week, non stop, but as long as I love it I can handle it.

Without your help I wouldn’t be able to convey my line of thoughts to people. Therefore, thank so much form the deepest of my hear for supporting me in all my communication to people…

I woke up Thinking that I am a very lucky person. The reason is that in my life I have always been surrounded by amazing people like you that are always there to help me. These people/friends are the reason of my courage and success. Even when I am jobless and alone they gave me the strength to accomplish amazing things… Merry Christmas to you too.

Ever wondered if Experts Exchange’s Hire Me feature works? joewinograd will tell you it does. His article on renaming PDF files attracted the attention of doctordigital, whose first time on the site was reading the article. He then hired Joe for a customized solution to the problem.

robrodp was having major issues with his email system disconnecting, and padas came to his rescue:

An expert is well… an expert. Thx Scott and Experts Exchange of course. You are worth every penny.

jameskane was looking for a solution to manipulating lists in Python, and aikimark provided one:

INGENIOUS!!!! works perfectly. Went through code and learned a lot – thanks for that also.

aikimark and Qlemo provided some help in mikecvba’s question about scraping data from a spreadsheet:

Both experts provide 2 perfects answers to the same solution. aikimark answered with a sleek alternative. Qlemo answered perfectly the original request.

tagit fixed a recalcitrant PHP page for designaire:

You really earned your points, thanks for hanging in there.

tagit was also responsible for helping marqusG get a scripted dynamic image to work:

Wow, really fantastic! And in that case, has knockout some opions to apply fade effect, or show elements one at once see my page after your fix: the each function shows the divs sequentially and I like the ffect (and I’m sure my client will like it too).

sammySeltzer was having problems getting data from his database, and GaryC123 helped him out:

GARY, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!!!!!!! It WORKED!!!!! Yes, you are right, I changed the code again. That’s what happens when you are confused. THANK YOU! Our most reverend PHP programmer who works here with me could not help after several days. This is where 500 points is not enough. Thank you so much.


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Africans .NET Programming Guru
AlbertVanHalen .NET Programming Master
cactus_data .NET Programming Master
louisfr .NET Programming Master
danmcfadden Active Directory Master
hyuITS Active Directory Master
wpadron Active Directory Master
McKnife Active Directory Sage
leakim971 Adobe Dreamweaver Master
Kimputer Android Master
mccarl Apache Web Server Master
ve3ofa Backup / Restore Guru
tzucker Backup / Restore Master
rbarnhardt Blackberry Hardware Guru
mas_oz2003 C# Genius
it_saige C# Guru
Qlemo C# Master
hanccocka Cloud Computing Guru
DaveBaldwin CSS Genius
leakim971 CSS Sage
noxcho Desktops Master
totallytonto Email Servers Master
it_saige Exchange Master
s1satya Exchange Master
seth2740 Hard Drives Master
dbrunton Home Theaters Master
MPECSInc Hyper-V Master
alanhardisty Internet / Email Software Master
moh10ly IP Telephony Master
ozo Java Guru
nap0leon jQuery Master
gelonida Linux Master
DaveBaldwin Linux Networking Master
johan_strange Mac OS X Master
padas Microsoft IIS Web Server Guru
DaveHowe Microsoft IIS Web Server Master
joewinograd Microsoft OS Guru
drmiket Microsoft OS Master
jgrantom Microsoft OS Master
Kimputer Microsoft OS Master
liorkr Microsoft OS Master
manjusullad Microsoft OS Master
jcimarron Microsoft OS Sage
Neilsr Misc Networking Master
rharland2009 Misc Networking Master
breadtan Misc Networking Wizard
sdstuber Misc Programming Master
Qlemo Misc Security Master
tzucker Misc Security Master
Filecats MS Access Master
ThinkSpaceSolutions MS Applications Master
mrwad99 MS Development Master
Nick67 MS Development Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Development Master
joewinograd MS Office Guru
Bembi MS Office Master
Neilsr MS Office Master
Qlemo MS Office Master
macarrillo1 MS SharePoint Master
yagyashree MS SharePoint Wizard
aarontomosky MS SQL Server Guru
PatHartman MS SQL Server Master
HainKurt MS SQL Server Sage
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
arnold MS SQL Server Wizard
HuaMinChen MS SQL Server 2008 Master
DrTribos MS Word Guru
HainKurt MySQL Server Wizard
pergr Network Analysis Master
Otto_N Network Operations Master
ve3ofa Office 365 Master
NRhode Outlook Guru
Merete Outlook Master
joewinograd Peripherals Guru
oBdA Powershell Guru
mlmcc Productivity Apps Master
TheLearnedOne Prog Languages Guru
AndyAinscow Prog Languages Master
PortletPaul Query Syntax Genius
Filecats Query Syntax Master
padas Query Syntax Master
naderz Routers Guru
mgortega SBS Small Business Server Master
footech Shell Scripting Master
gheist Software Firewalls Master
Filecats Spreadsheets Master
webtubbs Spreadsheets Master
ve3ofa SSL / HTTPS Master
seth2740 Storage Master
pgm554 Storage Wizard
crnins Switches / Hubs Master
savone Unix OS Master
ganjos Unix OS Wizard
Helen_Feddema VB Script Master
gheist Virtualization Guru
rindi Virtualization Guru
sekarc4u Virtualization Master
seth2740 Virtualization Master
robhenson Visual Basic Classic Master
dustock Visual Basic.NET Master
Michael74 Visual Basic.NET Master
fmarshall VPN Master
McKnife Vulnerabilities Master
lenamtl Web Applications Master
jason1178 Web Applications Wizard
joewinograd Web Browsers Master
SSharma Windows 2003 Server Master
cgaliher Windows 2003 Server Wizard
aarontomosky Windows 7 Master
sekarc4u Windows 7 Master
nobus Windows 8 Guru
alanhardisty Windows Networking Master
vivigatt Windows Networking Master
Neilsr Windows OS Master
npsingh123 Windows OS Master
Razmus Windows OS Master
dan_blagut Windows Server 2008 Guru
hyuITS Windows Server 2008 Master
ubadmin Windows Server 2008 Master
cgaliher Windows Server 2012 Genius
danmcfadden Windows Server 2012 Master
footech Windows Server 2012 Master
hyuITS Windows Server 2012 Master
nobus Wireless Networking Master
DaveBaldwin WordPress Guru
jtwcs WordPress Master

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