Kudos & Milestones: July 2014

Posted by · July 3, 2014 11:57 am

New Prodigy: Sembee2 has reached the 5,000,000 point level in Exchange Server. During three different careers at EE, he has earned over 35,383,514 points (second all time), including 25,495,839 in Exchange, making him one of just two EE members with more than 20,000,000 points in a single topic area. And if all that weren’t enough, he is also the newest member of the Five-Million Point Club.

New Geniuses: GaryC123 made a big splash on the list of Geniuses, earning three of the certificates in June: Cascading Style Sheets, HTML and JavaScript. Earning his fourth Genius certificate, in C# Programming, was emoreau. Also earning his third Genius certificate was jimhorn, in SQL Server 2008. Getting their first Genius t-shirts were olafdc in Small Business Server; Rgonzo1971 in Microsoft Excel; and padas, in Active Server Pages. Congratulations to all!


  • nobus has earned 15,000,000 points overall, and has been very efficient, earning 14 Genius certificates in the process.
  • ve3ofa has earned 6,000,000 points since joining Experts Exchange.
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
sammy1971 .NET Programming Wizard
breadtan Active Directory Guru
diggisaur Active Directory Master
evrydayzawrkday Active Directory Master
yo_bee Active Directory Wizard
GaryC123 AJAX Guru
tzucker Anti-Virus Apps Wizard
willmcn Apple Software Master
padas ASP Genius
lcohan ASP.NET Master
emoreau C# Genius
TerryAtOpus C# Guru
cgaliher Chat / IM Master
leew Components Wizard
GaryC123 CSS Genius
Slick812 CSS Master
chakko DNS Master
thinkpads_user Email Clients Guru
evrydayzawrkday Email Servers Master
McKnife Encryption Guru
dipak1383 Exchange Master
granwizzard Exchange Master
mnkhawaja Exchange Master
Sembee2 Exchange Prodigy
abbasiftt Exchange Wizard
diggisaur Exchange Wizard
evrydayzawrkday Exchange Wizard
GaryC123 HTML Genius
eoinosullivan Images and Photos Master
akahan iPad Master
thinkpads_user IPsec Master
buttersk J2EE Master
GaryC123 JavaScript Genius
khkremer JavaScript Guru
feridun JavaScript Master
Sandeep_Agarwal_ Linux Guru
duncan_roe Linux Networking Wizard
noci Linux Security Guru
DaveBaldwin Microsoft OS Guru
janpakula Microsoft OS Master
garycase Microsoft OS Wizard
Merete Microsoft OS Wizard
PortletPaul Misc Databases Guru
cgaliher Misc Networking Master
Infamus Misc Networking Master
Ray_Paseur Misc Networking Master
oBdA Misc Programming Guru
Gary_The_IT_Pro Misc Programming Master
DaveHowe Misc Security Sage
joewinograd Misc Software Wizard
GaryC123 Misc Web Dev Sage
tedbilly MS Applications Guru
Nick67 MS Applications Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Excel Genius
cactus_data MS Excel Master
GlennLRay MS Excel Sage
Flyster MS Excel Wizard
GlennLRay MS Excel Wizard
DrTribos MS Office Master
GlennLRay MS Office Master
becraig MS Server OS Master
ryanmccauley MS Server OS Master
SneekCo MS SharePoint Master


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
feridun MS SQL Server Master
ryanmccauley MS SQL Server Sage
tim_cs MS SQL Server 2005 Guru
jimhorn MS SQL Server 2008 Genius
BriCrowe MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
dale_burrell MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
JDettman MS SQL Server 2008 Master
mikebernhardt Network Analysis Master
diverseit Network Design & Methodology Master
aarontomosky Network Management Master
breadtan Network Operations Master
diverseit Network Security Guru
gheist Networking Hardware Master
thinkpads_user Networking Protocols Master
joewinograd OCR Guru
Rgonzo1971 Office / Productivity Master
vasilcho Office 365 Sage
Alex140181 Oracle Database Guru
becraig Powershell Guru
MASQUERAID Puzzles / Riddles Master
bhess1 Query Syntax Guru
LIONKING Query Syntax Master
cactus_data Query Syntax Wizard
sangamc Routers Guru
hypercat Routers Master
skullnobrains Routers Master
olafdc SBS Small Business Server Genius
McKnife SBS Small Business Server Master
oBdA Scripting Languages Wizard
cgaliher Server Hardware Master
seth2740 Server Hardware Master
gheist Server Software Master
breadtan Software Firewalls Guru
GlennLRay Spreadsheets Master
jburgaard Switches / Hubs Wizard
asavener Virtualization Master
gheist Virtualization Master
esskayb2d Visual Basic.NET Master
Rgonzo1971 Visual Basic.NET Master
jkr Visual C++.NET Sage
gheist VMware Guru
GaryC123 Web Applications Master
DaveBaldwin Web Graphics Software Master
GaryC123 Web Services Master
ve3ofa Web Services Master
rrjmin0 Windows 7 Guru
leew Windows 8 Master
thinkpads_user Windows 8 Wizard
cgaliher Windows Networking Master
becraig Windows OS Master
hopeleonie Windows OS Master
TG-TIS Windows OS Master
trgrassijr55 Windows OS Master
gheist Windows Server 2008 Guru
asavener Windows Server 2008 Master
helpfinder Windows Server 2008 Master
Mutawadi Windows Server 2008 Wizard
ronnypot Windows Server 2008 Wizard
cgaliher Windows Server 2012 Sage
atheist Windows XP Master
reach2sandeep Windows XP Master
padas XML Master