Kudos & Milestones: July 2015

Posted by · July 1, 2015 9:32 am


New Genius: dvz earned his first 1,000,000 points in the Oracle topic, his first Genius certificate.

  • Article points are now included in the Hall of Fame numbers, putting Ray_Paseur third on the list with 27,000,000 points (including 19,000,000 points in the PHP topic), while hanccocka is now fourth overall, with 24,000,000 points.
  • arnold is the latest member to reach the 10,000,000 point milestone.
  • Sembee2 has earned 7,000,000 points, reaching that level in Exchange Server.
Expert Topic Certificate
LokeshBR .NET Programming Guru
arnold .NET Programming Master
Fareed .NET Programming Master
AlexCode .NET Programming Wizard
Exchange_Geek Active Directory Guru
lionelmm Active Directory Master
Number-1 Active Directory Master
mccarl Algorithms Master
Michael-Best Anti-Virus Apps Master
arnold ASP.NET Master
Spec01 Backup / Restore Master
ve3ofa Cloud Computing Guru
edwinjhoffer CSS Master
lenamtl CSS Master
Thommy Delphi Sage
paulsauve Digital Music Master
arnold Disaster Recovery Master
thinkpads_user DNS Master
jackieman Email Clients Master
breadtan Email Servers Master
Kimputer Email Servers Master
Spec01 Email Servers Wizard
compdigit44 Exchange Master
Demented_Goose Exchange Master
mar121mar121 Exchange Master
trhadmin Exchange Master
CrisHanna_MVP Exchange Sage
totallytonto Exchange Wizard
noci Hardware Firewalls Master
AlexCode HTML Guru
edwinjhoffer HTML Master
ve3ofa HTML Master
julianH HTML Sage
DaveBaldwin HTTP Protocol Master
thinkpads_user iPad Master
eoinosullivan iPhone Guru
Sembee2 iPhone Master
dpearson J2EE Wizard
gheist Java Guru
breadtan Java Master
Shaun_Kline JavaScript Master
routinet Joomla Master
_agx_ jQuery Master
Merete Laptops/Notebooks Guru
serialband Mac OS X Wizard
Coralon Microsoft OS Master
routinet Misc Databases Guru
ste5an Misc Databases Guru
aarontomosky Misc Hardware Master
andyalder Misc Hardware Sage
AlexCode Misc Web Dev Master
ve3ofa Miscellaneous Master
omgang MS Applications Master
webtubbs MS Applications Master
Kimputer MS Excel Guru
Shaun_Kline MS Excel Master
MacroShadow MS Excel Sage
kgerb MS Excel Wizard
tilsant MS Excel Wizard
ProfessorJimJam MS Office Master
ssaqibh MS Office Sage
compdigit44 MS Server OS Master
Expert Topic Certificate
deepakChauhan MS SQL Server Guru
routinet MS SQL Server Guru
Snarf0001 MS SQL Server Guru
SStory MS SQL Server Master
deepakChauhan MS SQL Server 2005 Master
dsacker MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
ltorres321 MS SQL Server 2008 Master
martenrune MS SQL Server 2008 Wizard
DanCraciun MS Word Master
dsacker MySQL Server Master
ste5an MySQL Server Master
ve3ofa Network Operations Master
gheist Network Security Master
Netman66 Networking Hardware Master
spravtek Networking Hardware Master
dvz Oracle Database Genius
Frosty555 Outlook Master
DavisMcCarn PCs Master
ve3ofa Powershell Guru
oBdA Powershell Wizard
Spec01 Powershell Wizard
Spike99 Printers Guru
DrKlahn Printers Master
hypercat Printers Master
eghtebas Query Syntax Guru
johnsone Query Syntax Guru
MikeOM_DBA Query Syntax Master
Olaf_Doschke Query Syntax Master
crnins Routers Guru
Kimputer Routers Master
Number-1 SBS Small Business Server Master
nobus Server Hardware Guru
ProfessorJimJam Spreadsheets Master
arnold SSL / HTTPS Guru
xxdcmast Storage Master
arnold Switches / Hubs Master
pgm554 Switches / Hubs Master
sarabande System Programming Master
PortletPaul Visual Basic.NET Master
ged325 Visual Basic.NET Wizard
mellymio VMware Master
DaveBaldwin Web Applications Guru
padas Web Languages/Standards Wizard
gkhairallah Windows 2003 Server Master
mnkhawaja Windows 2003 Server Master
Spike99 Windows 7 Master
noxcho Windows 8 Master
Kimputer Windows Networking Master
lionelmm Windows Networking Master
trgrassijr55 Windows Networking Master
CrisHanna_MVP Windows OS Master
footech Windows OS Master
craigbeck Windows Server 2008 Guru
TG-TIS Windows Server 2008 Guru
liorkr Windows Server 2008 Master
rindi Windows Server 2008 Sage
MPECSInc Windows Server 2012 Guru
Razmus Windows Server 2012 Master
ve3ofa Windows Server 2012 Sage
leew Windows Server 2012 Wizard
Akinsd Wireless Networking Master

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