Kudos & Milestones: June 2015

Posted by · June 2, 2015 11:50 am

Five Million Point Club:

Three members joined the Five Million Point Club (and earned lifetime membership) in May: cgaliher , teylyn and padas. Congratulations!


New Savant (10,000,000): boag2000 is now the 17th member to reach this milestone in a single topic (Microsoft Access).

New Aces (2,500,000 points): ozo (Math & Science) and arnold (Linux), both have also been members since 1997!

New Geniuses (1,000,000 points): Earning his second Genius certificate was ChrisStanyon (Cascading Style Sheets). Earning their first were sarabande (C++ Programming) and tagit (JavaScript).

My First Million: Nick67, tailoreddigital, iamthecreator, ambience and serialband. Joining them in May were it_saige, Eirman, npsingh123, ste5an and sekarc4u. Well done!

  • Ray_Paseur has earned 3,000,000 points in each of two topics; in one of them, he has over 18,000,000 points.
  • gheist has earned 6,000,000 points.

Awarded Articles:

CommandBars (Part III) – Using Built-in Shortcut Menus, by Dale Fye

When this series began, the term CommandBars was used because it was the Office Object class it discusses. Unfortunately, when Microsoft introduced Office 2007, they replaced the standard CommandBar menus with “The Ribbon” and removed the user interface for creating CommandBars. This resulted in a common misconception that all CommandBars have been removed.

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a three-part article series, read part I and part II.

Expert Topic Certificate
VMontalvao .NET Programming Master
GeoSs Active Directory Master
gheist Active Directory Master
ve3ofa Active Directory Sage
alanhardisty Active Directory Wizard
jkr Algorithms Master
Eirman Android Master
DaveBaldwin AntiSpam Software Master
rindi Anti-Spyware Master
ve3ofa Apache Web Server Master
LokeshBR ASP.NET Guru
sammySeltzer ASP.NET Wizard
vasilcho Azure Master
Qlemo Backup / Restore Master
Sembee2 Backup / Restore Master
pgm554 Backup / Restore Wizard
plusone3055 C# Guru
Number-1 C# Master
UnifiedIS C# Master
Dan7el C# Wizard
sarabande C++ Genius
naderz Cisco PIX/ASA Master
ChrisStanyon CSS Genius
thinkpads_user Desktops Guru
DavisMcCarn Disaster Recovery Master
ve3ofa Disaster Recovery Master
aarontomosky DNS Master
spravtek DNS Master
DaveBaldwin E-Commerce Master
thinkpads_user Exchange Wizard
ve3ofa Exchange Wizard
ozo GIS/GPS Programming Master
AnnieCushing Google Apps Master
ve3ofa Google Apps Master
hanccocka Hard Drives Guru
AlbertVanHalen HTML Master
lenamtl HTML Master
cgaliher Hyper-V Wizard
DaveBaldwin Internet / Email Software Master
trgrassijr55 iPhone Master
breadtan IPsec Master
breadtan IT Administration Guru
TerryAtOpus Java Master
TomasHelgi Java Wizard
gheist Java App Servers Guru
dpearson Java App Servers Master
tagit JavaScript Genius
routinet JavaScript Guru
PDuy JavaScript Master
taoyipai JavaScript Master
padas jQuery Sage
tagit jQuery Sage
arnold Linux Ace
ozo Math / Science Ace
abbasiftt Microsoft OS Master
n2fc Microsoft OS Master
pwindell Microsoft OS Master
ryanmccauley Microsoft OS Master
DavisMcCarn Microsoft OS Wizard
VMontalvao Misc Databases Guru
pcelba Misc Databases Sage
jackieman Misc Hardware Master
Kimputer Misc Hardware Master
rindi Misc Installation Master
Netman66 Misc Networking Guru
spravtek Misc Networking Master
Eirman Misc Software Master
tailoreddigital Misc Software Master
TobiasHolm Misc Software Master
DanCraciun Misc Web Dev Master
Expert Topic Certificate
elvin66 Misc Web Dev Master
lucasbishop Misc Web Dev Master
tommyBoy Misc Web Dev Wizard
Eirman Miscellaneous Master
Shaun_Kline MS Access Master
boag2000 MS Access Savant
NewVillageIT MS DOS Master
tagit MS Excel Guru
AnnieCushing MS Excel Master
JamesBurger MS Excel Master
Miss_Sellaneus MS Excel Master
Roy_Cox MS Excel Master
ProfessorJimJam MS Excel Wizard
GlennLRay MS Office Guru
Kimputer MS Office Master
Nick67 MS Office Master
JamieGarroch MS PowerPoint Master
lionelmm MS Server OS Guru
Spec01 MS Server OS Guru
WORKS2011 MS Server OS Master
ve3ofa MS Server OS Sage
mohitnair87 MS SharePoint Guru
martusha MS SharePoint Master
UnifiedIS MS SQL Server Guru
VikasMGarg MS SQL Server Guru
ste5an MS SQL Server 2008 Wizard
mattvmotas Networking Hardware Master
joewinograd Office / Productivity Wizard
thinkpads_user Office Suites Master
tzucker OS Security Master
omgang Outlook Guru
amitkulshrestha Outlook Sage
Spec01 Outlook Sage
joewinograd Photos / Graphics Soft. Master
taoyipai PHP Master
Sembee2 Powershell Master
thinkpads_user Productivity Apps Master
aburr Programming Theory Master
wpcortes Python Master
breadtan Remote Access Master
davorin Routers Master
noxcho SBS Small Business Server Guru
oBdA Shell Scripting Guru
VMontalvao SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
noci Unix OS Guru
NewVillageIT VB Script Master
CraigWagner Visual Basic.NET Guru
sl8rz Visual Basic.NET Guru
Kimputer Visual Basic.NET Master
LokeshBR Visual Basic.NET Master
ggvp84 VMware Master
donjohnston Voice Over IP Master
lenamtl Web-Based CMS Guru
padas Web-Based CMS Master
aleinss Windows 2003 Server Master
lionelmm Windows 2003 Server Master
hanccocka Windows 8 Master
Qlemo Windows Batch Sage
Merete Windows Networking Master
breadtan Windows OS Guru
dragon-it Windows OS Guru
NewVillageIT Windows OS Master
BillBach Windows Server 2008 Master
DirkMare Windows Server 2008 Master
McKnife Windows Server 2012 Guru
spravtek Windows Server 2012 Master
nappy_d Wireless Hardware Master
FernandoSoto XML Guru
murphey2 XML Master

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