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New Five Million Point Club Members:

Congratulations to the two latest members of the Experts Exchange Five Million Point Club: breadtan and strung!


New Savant: slightwv, a 2014 Most Valuable Expert, has earned 10,000,000 points in Oracle.

New Genius: Two members earned Genius certificates in Active Directory: tigermatt (his fourth), and Spec01 (his second). thinkpads_user earned his third Genius certificate, in Microsoft Operating Systems. gheist picked up his second, in Linux. Finally, Sembee2 earned his third, in Email Servers.

  • In his 15 years as a member, angelIII has now earned 40,000,000 points.
  • hanccocka reached the 21,000,000 point milestone, with 18,000,000 points in the VMware topic alone.
  • mlmcc moved up into sixth place in our Hall of Fame by earning 19,000,000 points.
  • Since joining, leew has earned 17,000,000 points.
  • jkr has reached the 15,000,000 point level.
  • ve3ofa has earned 8,000,000 points.
  • MASQUERAID is the 71st member to reach 7,000,000 points.

Awarded Articles:

Software Design: Dependencies, by Ray Paseur

In software development, the idea of dependencies is an issue of some importance. This article seeks to explain what dependencies are and where they can create a problem for growth or an opportunity for excellence. Read more here.

User Log In Using A Token, by Scott Fell

This demonstration started out as a follow up to recently posted questions on the subject of logging in. Originally, the question was focused on trying to eliminate the scenario where users click the submit button only to find out they were logged out and their updates are lost. See how to get around this in this article here.

Should I learn C before learning C++? Answer – NO!, by evilrix

At face value, it seems like reasonable advice to suggest that you should learn to code in C before learning C++; after all C++ is a super-set of C. Unfortunately, this advice overlooks some fundamental but very important differences between the two that may very well damage the student’s learning curve. Read more about why learning one before the other isn’t necessarily the best path here.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
LSMConsulting .NET Programming Guru
LokeshBR .NET Programming Master
Number-1 .NET Programming Master
ScottPletcher .NET Programming Master
SStory .NET Programming Wizard
Spec01 Active Directory Genius
tigermatt Active Directory Genius
cgaliher Active Directory Sage
Slick812 AJAX Guru
kozaiwaniec AJAX Master
d-glitch Algorithms Guru
McKnife Anti-Virus Apps Master
gerwinjansen Apache Web Server Master
akahan Apple OS Master
RainerJ ASP Master
jyparask ASP.NET Guru
dejaanbu ASP.NET Wizard
MPECSInc Backup / Restore Master
donjohnston Broadband Guru
LokeshBR C# Master
CraigWagner C# Wizard
limjianan Chat / IM Master
aarontomosky Cloud Computing Master
RainerJ CSS Master
rgranlund CSS Master
BillDL Desktops Master
coral47 EE Lounge Guru
Spec01 Email Clients Master
Sembee2 Email Servers Genius
mlmcc Enterprise Software Master
Mani_kandan997 Exchange Master
Zackur Exchange Master
hyuITS Exchange Wizard
TheLearnedOne HTML Master
MPECSInc Hyper-V Guru
strung Images and Photos Master
Geisrud iPhone Master
npsingh123 IT Administration Master
ged325 JavaScript Master
SSupreme JavaScript Master
Slick812 JavaScript Wizard
RainerJ jQuery Sage
kozaiwaniec jQuery Wizard
gheist Linux Genius
seth2740 Linux Wizard
danmcfadden Microsoft IIS Web Server Guru
thinkpads_user Microsoft OS Genius
npsingh123 Microsoft OS Guru
Sembee2 Microsoft OS Guru
seth2740 Microsoft OS Guru
jkr Microsoft OS Master
l33tf0b Microsoft OS Master
Number-1 Microsoft OS Master
Eirman Misc Hardware Master
duncan_roe Misc Networking Master
gerwinjansen Misc Networking Master
cactus_data Misc Programming Master
JDettman Misc Programming Master
gheist Misc Security Master
joewinograd MS Applications Master
djrod1rep MS Excel Master
joewinograd MS Excel Master
PatHartman MS Office Master
Echo_S MS Office Wizard
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
drmiket MS Server Apps Master
dsacker MS SQL Server Guru
eghtebas MS SQL Server 2008 Master
rindi MultiMedia Applications Master
jimyX MySQL Server Master
ChrisStanyon MySQL Server Wizard
uetian1707 Network Analysis Sage
Akinsd Network Management Master
craigbeck Networking Protocols Guru
arnold Networking Protocols Master
slightwv Oracle Database Savant
thims Outlook Guru
baranello PHP Master
arnold Printers Master
carl_tawn Prog Languages Master
kaufmed Programming Theory Master
DaveBaldwin Python Master
ged325 Query Syntax Guru
SimonAdept Query Syntax Master
wpcortes Query Syntax Master
cgaliher Remote Access Guru
thinkpads_user Remote Access Master
arnold SBS Small Business Server Guru
billprew Scripting Languages Sage
gheist Shell Scripting Master
gheist Switches / Hubs Master
spravtek Switches / Hubs Master
ve3ofa System Utilities Master
gerwinjansen VB Script Master
robberbaron VB Script Sage
ssaqibh VB Script Wizard
cactus_data Visual Basic.NET Master
eghtebas Visual Basic.NET Master
louisfr Visual Basic.NET Master
bbao VPN Master
gheist Vulnerabilities Master
elvin66 Web Languages/Standards Master
gheist Web Servers Guru
ambience Web Services and WCF Master
Spec01 Windows 2003 Server Wizard
arnold Windows 7 Guru
Geisrud Windows 7 Master
ivanoviola Windows 8 Master
Michael-Best Windows 8 Master
dstewartjr Windows Batch Master
aarontomosky Windows Networking Guru
kevinhsieh Windows Networking Guru
garycase Windows Networking Master
Kimputer Windows OS Master
tzucker Windows OS Master
DaveBaldwin Windows Server 2008 Guru
lionelmm Windows Server 2008 Guru
n2fc Windows Server 2008 Master
RoshanEjaz Windows Server 2008 Master
strung Windows Server 2008 Master
Spec01 Windows Server 2012 Guru
aarontomosky Windows Server 2012 Master
lionelmm Windows Server 2012 Master
Qlemo Windows Server 2012 Master
VMontalvao Windows Server 2012 Master
hanccocka Windows Server 2012 Sage
DanCraciun WordPress Master
lucasbishop WordPress Master

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