Kudos & Milestones: November 2014

Posted by · November 4, 2014 9:12 am


DaveJBaldwin – no, not the DaveBaldwin who has earned certificates in more topics than anyone else – was trying to get a count of records in an Oracle database. He got some assistance over a four-day period from sdstuber: sdstuber, you are amazing! Thank you for your patience with me working through this and creating an elegant solution to what I thought would be a much more complex query. This is exactly what I need.


New Aces: jason1178 has earned his second Ace certificate, in WordPress, while strung has reached that level in Mac OS-X; he also earned his fourth Genius certificate in Apple Software.

New Geniuses: In addition to strung, GaryC123 earned his fifth 1,000,000 point rank t-shirt, in JQuery, while GlennLRay earned his first, in Microsoft Excel.

My First Million: Reaching the 1,000,000 point level in September were GlennLRay, rhandels, DrDave242 and Shaun_Kline; they were joined in October by VMontalvao.

Expert In Topic Area Certificate
julianH .NET Programming Guru
sammySeltzer .NET Programming Guru
it_saige .NET Programming Master
PortletPaul .NET Programming Master
rpoole69 .NET Programming Master
leakim971 .NET Programming Wizard
mroonal .NET Programming Wizard
jgrantom Active Directory Master
mnkhawaja Active Directory Master
gheist Apache Web Server Wizard
strung Apple Software Genius
_b_h AS-400 Programming Wizard
PortletPaul ASP.NET Master
ste5an ASP.NET Master
Subrat2009 C Master
esskayb2d C# Master
it_saige C# Master
ste5an C# Master
Citrix Master
sekarc4u Citrix Sage
paulsauve Digital Cameras / Camcorders Master
dbrunton Digital Music Master
Ray_Paseur Drupal Master
gwkg E-Commerce Guru
lenamtl E-Commerce Master
allenfalcon Email Clients Master
limjianan Email Protocols Master
abbasiftt Email Servers Master
rbarnhardt Email Servers Master
seth2740 Email Servers Master
arnold Email Servers Wizard
dvt_localboy Exchange Guru
jgrantom Exchange Master
trgrassijr55 Exchange Master
Rajitha14 Exchange Wizard
seth2740 Exchange Wizard
joewinograd Hard Drives Master
max_the_king Hardware Firewalls Master
atrevido IP Telephony Master
gheist Java Master
mccarl Java App Servers Master
GaryC123 jQuery Genius
sangamc Linux Master
gerwinjansen Linux Sage
Sandeep_Agarwal_ Linux Distributions Master
serialband Linux Distributions Master
strung Mac OS X Ace
schaps Mac OS X Master
MaheshPM Microsoft OS Guru
marsilies Microsoft OS Guru
richrumble Microsoft OS Master
strung Microsoft OS Master
aikimark Misc Databases Guru
ShannonEE Misc Databases Master
sjwales Misc Databases Master
pergr Misc Networking Wizard
matrixnz Misc Programming Guru
mlmcc Misc Software Guru
thinkpads_user Misc Web Dev Master
chaau MS Access Guru
Neilsr MS Access Master
hnasr MS Development Master
GlennLRay MS Excel Genius
GasperK MS Excel Guru
jimhorn MS Excel Guru
Filecats MS Excel Master
ProfessorJimJam MS Excel Master
samo4fun MS Excel Master
merowinger MS Server Apps Wizard
colly92002 MS SharePoint Wizard
gohord MS SQL Server Guru
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Filecats MS SQL Server Master
HuaMinChen MS SQL Server Master
vadimrapp1 MS SQL Server Sage
sjwales MS SQL Server Wizard
John_Vidmar MS SQL Server 2005 Master
ste5an MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
Zberteoc MS SQL Server 2008 Wizard
shabarinath MS Virtual Server Master
Flyster MS Word Wizard
jimhorn MySQL Server Master
donjohnston Network Analysis Guru
eeRoot Network Design & Methodology Guru
gheist Network Management Master
TimotiSt Network Operations Master
McKnife Network Security Master
eeRoot Networking Hardware Guru
cgaliher Office 365 Master
diggisaur Office 365 Master
Clark445Kent Outlook Master
dexIT Outlook Master
SSharma Outlook Master
captainreiss Page Layout Software Master
Merete Photos / Graphics Soft. Sage
ozo PHP Guru
stefor Powershell Master
dpearson Prog Languages Master
GaryC123 Query Syntax Master
TomasHelgi Query Syntax Master
seth2740 SBS Small Business Server Master
-Scorpeo- SBS Small Business Server Wizard
becraig Scripting Languages Master
dstewartjr Server Software Master
MartinLiss Spreadsheets Master
akahan Storage Master
duncan_roe Unix OS Guru
Nopius Unix OS Guru
gerwinjansen Unix OS Wizard
footech VB Script Master
ve3ofa VB Script Master
Coralon Virtualization Master
Neilsr Virtualization Master
it_saige Visual Basic.NET Master
ktaczala Visual Basic.NET Master
MartinLiss Visual Basic.NET Master
ste5an Visual Basic.NET Master
robert_schutt Visual Basic.NET Wizard
asavener VMware Guru
_jesper_ VPN Master
craigbeck VPN Master
CyanBlue Web Dev Software Guru
jason1178 Web-Based CMS Guru
cantoris Windows 7 Guru
trgrassijr55 Windows 7 Guru
Kimputer Windows 7 Master
lionelmm Windows 7 Master
p1339 Windows 7 Master
Neilsr Windows Networking Master
fmarshall Windows Networking Wizard
gerwinjansen Windows OS Master
mcsween Windows OS Master
Jeff_Schertz Windows Server 2008 Master
jgrantom Windows Server 2008 Master
PantherTech Windows Server 2008 Master
footech Windows Server 2008 Sage
CarlWebster Windows Server 2008 Wizard
Coralon Windows Server 2008 Wizard
seth2740 Windows Server 2012 Guru
breadtan Windows Server 2012 Master
mnkhawaja Windows Server 2012 Master
ve3ofa Windows Server 2012 Wizard
jason1178 WordPress Ace