Kudos & Milestones: October 2014

Posted by · September 29, 2014 9:57 am


New Geniuses: GaryC123 has earned his fourth Genius certificate, in PHP Scripting Language, where he is the 25th member to reach that level. PortletPaul, the 2013 Rookie of the Year, has reached the 1,000,000 point level for the second time in SQL Server 2008. willmcn has earned his first Genius rank, in Filemaker Pro.


Expert In Topic Area Certificate
ramkisan .NET Programming Master
radhakrishnan2007 Active Directory Guru
seth2740 Active Directory Guru
zenvenky Active Directory Guru
abbasiftt Active Directory Master
rhandels Active Directory Master
sekarc4u Active Directory Master
trgrassijr55 Active Directory Master
vasilcho Active Directory Master
nobus Anti-Spyware Master
breadtan Anti-Virus Apps Wizard
gr8gonzo Apache Web Server Guru
rrz@871311 Apache Web Server Master
thinkpads_user Apple Hardware Master
DaveBaldwin ASP Wizard
ramkisan ASP.NET Guru
ged325 C# Sage
thinkpads_user Cell Phones Master
moh10ly Chat / IM Master
routinet CSS Master
coral47 Desktops Wizard
cgaliher DNS Guru
joewinograd Document Imaging Wizard
Miss_Sellaneus EE Lounge Master
Neilsr Email Servers Master
Sembee2 Email Software Master
PowerEdgeTech Embedded Hardware Master
l33tf0b Exchange Master
pappaslim Exchange Master
evrydayzawrkday Exchange Sage
rbarnhardt Exchange Wizard
vasilcho Exchange Wizard
willmcn FileMaker Pro Genius
sigurarm Images and Photos Master
thinkpads_user Internet / Email Software Master
giltjr Internet Protocols Master
andyalder IT Administration Master
krakatoa J2EE Master
kaufmed Java Guru
rrz@871311 JavaScript Master
hankknight jQuery Master
routinet Linux Guru
comfortjeanius Linux Master
gheist Linux Distributions Wizard
gerwinjansen Linux Networking Master
Sandeep_Agarwal_ Linux Networking Master
vallis Mac OS X Master
aadih Microsoft OS Guru
Drashiel Microsoft OS Master
ged325 Microsoft OS Master
vadimrapp1 Microsoft OS Master
McKnife Microsoft OS Sage
PowerEdgeTech Misc Hardware Guru
DaveBaldwin Misc Programming Guru
joewinograd Misc Programming Master
sinisav Misc Programming Master
Qlemo MS Applications Master
robert_schutt MS Development Master
johnb25 MS Excel Master
paulsauve MS Excel Master
rpoole69 MS Excel Master
thinkpads_user MS Hardware Master
Sembee2 MS Office Master
tagit MS Office Master
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
TBone2K MS Office Master
mcsween MS Server OS Master
Spike99 MS Server OS Master
hanccocka MS Server OS Wizard
LSMConsulting MS SharePoint Master
VMontalvao MS SQL Server Sage
LSMConsulting MS SQL Server Wizard
PortletPaul MS SQL Server 2008 Genius
Racimo MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
rpoole69 MS SQL Server 2008 Master
DanCraciun MySQL Server Guru
thinkpads_user Network Security Master
hanccocka Oracle Database Master
rhandels Outlook Master
-Scorpeo- Outlook Master
Ray_Paseur Perl Master
GaryC123 PHP Genius
vasilcho Powershell Master
emoreau Prog Languages Guru
kaufmed Prog Languages Guru
FernandoSoto Prog Languages Master
HonorGod Prog Languages Master
thinkpads_user Proofreading Master
VMontalvao Query Syntax Master
_agx_ Query Syntax Wizard
becraig SBS Small Business Server Master
aarontomosky Server Hardware Master
GlennLRay Spreadsheets Guru
Sembee2 SSL / HTTPS Guru
rbarnhardt Storage Guru
Subsun VB Script Guru
emoreau VB Script Master
JSRWilson VB Script Master
dborger Virtualization Master
MPECSInc Virtualization Master
GlennLRay Visual Basic Classic Master
Qlemo Visual Basic Classic Master
ChloesDad Visual Basic.NET Guru
bluedan VMware Guru
leakim971 Web Components Master
leakim971 Web Dev Software Master
tagit Web Dev Software Master
Jester_48 Web Languages/Standards Master
leakim971 Web Languages/Standards Sage
GaryC123 Web Languages/Standards Wizard
shalomc Web/Cloud Computing Sage
seth2740 Windows 2003 Server Guru
PrashantGirennavar Windows 2003 Server Master
ve3ofa Windows 2003 Server Wizard
marsilies Windows 7 Guru
yo_bee Windows 7 Master
asavener Windows Networking Master
thinkpads_user Windows Networking Wizard
McKnife Windows OS Wizard
rhandels Windows Server 2008 Master
becraig Windows Server 2008 Wizard
seth2740 Windows Server 2008 Wizard
Sembee2 Windows Server 2012 Guru
MPECSInc Windows Server 2012 Master
npsingh123 Windows Server 2012 Master
takecoffe Windows Server 2012 Master
rrjmin0 Windows XP Master
eemit WordPress Guru