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Posted by · September 2, 2014 9:25 am


GaryC123 came across a question from colonelblue with his name in it – about assigning sounds to divs – and after solving it, got this thank you: Experts like Gary are why I have stayed subscribed. A credit to your site and service. Thank you!

Staudte was trying to figure out a way to reduce the amount of data transferred when a page is loading, and robert_schutt came to his aid: Perfect solution, exactly understood the problem, precisely explained and documented. THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! It should be graded A++ and given triple points… Thank you so much ūüôā

By The Numbers: Several months ago, our good friend DaveBaldwin commented that he thought he had more certificates than anyone else on Experts Exchange. We did a little investigating of our own and found that at the time, he was third overall. Even more recently, with the new Member Search we were able to come up with a newer list, turns out that since Dave asked, he has taken over the top spot.

The top 25 Experts, in order, with certificates in the most topics as of August 31, are: DaveBaldwin, 90; leew, 88; arnold, 85; rindi, 82; thinkpads_user, 70; angelIII, 67; robwill, 66; Ray_Paseur, 63; ve3ofa and giltjr, 62 (tie); nobus, 60; SysExpert, johnb6767 and Merete, 58 (tie); garycase, 56; alanhardisty, 51; leakim971 and MASQUERAID, 50 (tie); Qlemo, 49; Chris-Dent and war1, 48 (tie); and SheharyaarSaahil, Callandor, hanccocka and jason1178, 46 (tie).

New Geniuses: A few familiar names top the members who earned Genius certificates this August. angelIII picked up his 15th, the most ever, in ASP.NET. He also became the first or second (see Milestones below) member to go over 4,000,000 points in four topics, most recently MySQL Server.

leew, who for a very long time led the list of most Certificates (see above), and who is 11th in the Hall of Fame, has earned his seventh Genius certificate in Microsoft Operating Systems. Tintin received his fourth, in Shell Scripting. Earning his second was cgaliher, in Windows Server 2008. First time recipients were gauthampj in C# Programming and mas_oz2003 in NET Programming.

Five Million Point Club: GaryC123 and _agx_ are the newest members of the Five Million Point Club. By reaching that level of points overall, both receive lifetime memberships at Experts Exchange.

My First Million: Reaching 1,000,000 points in August were ivostoykov, kenboonejr, TomasHelgi, and tzucker¬†–¬†Congratulations!


Expert Topic Certificate
mas_oz2003 .NET Programming Genius
dustock .NET Programming Master
MajorBigDeal .NET Programming Master
shalomc .NET Programming Master
ste5an .NET Programming Master
jacko72 .NET Programming Wizard
robert_schutt .NET Programming Wizard
becraig Active Directory Guru
v-2nas Active Directory Guru
craigbeck Active Directory Master
giltjr Active Directory Master
hypercat Active Directory Wizard
Neilsr Active Directory Wizard
AlexCode AJAX Master
kttailor4u Android Master
tzucker Anti-Spyware Guru
thinkpads_user Anti-Spyware Master
hopeleonie Anti-Virus Apps Master
GaryC123 Apache Web Server Guru
MacGuy47 Apple Hardware Master
serialband Apple Hardware Master
serialband Apple Networking Master
angelIII ASP.NET Genius
AlexCode ASP.NET Guru
COBOLdinosaur ASP.NET Guru
Dan7el ASP.NET Guru
tapanpattanaik ASP.NET Guru
xuserx2000 ASP.NET Master
gauthampj C# Genius
robert_schutt C# Guru
GaryC123 C# Master
jmiller1979 C# Master
Subrat2009 C++ Master
arnold Cisco PIX/ASA Guru
kaufmed ColdFusion Language Master
jason1178 Content Management Guru
tagit CSS Guru
angelIII DB2 Master
totallytonto Disaster Recovery Master
FernandoSoto Editors IDEs Guru
JamesBurger Editors IDEs Master
thinkpads_user Email Servers Master
slightwv Enterprise Software Master
carolchi Exchange Guru
premglitz Exchange Guru
Dexter_morgan Exchange Master
justinyeung Exchange Master
skullnobrains Exchange Master
tmkreddy Exchange Master
padas Facebook Master
McKnife Hard Drives Master
eeRoot Hardware Firewalls Master
lruiz52 Hardware Firewalls Master
kttailor4u iOS Master
kttailor4u iPhone Master
thinkpads_user IT Administration Master
AlexCode JavaScript Guru
ve3ofa JavaScript Master
_agx_ JavaScript Wizard
Ray_Paseur jQuery Wizard
tagit jQuery Wizard
GaryC123 Linux Master
mikelfritz Linux Master
hanccocka Linux Sage
slightwv Linux Wizard
seth2740 Linux Distributions Master
serialband Mac OS X Guru
tliotta Mainframe Languages Master
Gary_The_IT_Pro Mainframe OS Master
danmcfadden Microsoft IIS Web Server Master
leew Microsoft OS Genius
diggisaur Microsoft OS Master
mikebernhardt Misc Networking Wizard
ged325 Misc Programming Master
gerwinjansen Misc Programming Master
RobSampson Misc Programming Sage
stu215 Misc Web Dev Master
TerryAtOpus Misc Web Dev Master
ve3ofa Misc Web Dev Wizard
Rgonzo1971 MS Access Guru
ScottPletcher MS Access Master
ve3ofa MS Development Guru
Helen_Feddema MS Development Master
MacroShadow MS Development Master
Qlemo MS Excel Guru
Expert Topic Certificate
firefytr MS Excel Wizard
IrogSinta MS Office Guru
DavisMcCarn MS Office Master
thinkpads_user MS Office Sage
cgaliher MS Server Apps Master
breadtan MS Server OS Guru
-Scorpeo- MS Server OS Master
hypercat MS Server OS Wizard
sweetraskels MS SharePoint Master
ve3ofa MS SharePoint Master
chaau MS SQL Server Guru
ste5an MS SQL Server Guru
Russell_Fox MS SQL Server Master
VikasMGarg MS SQL Server Master
dale_burrell MS SQL Server Wizard
Shaun_Kline MS SQL Server 2005 Guru
ste5an MS SQL Server 2005 Master
jimhorn MS SQL Server 2005 Sage
carl_tawn MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
Shaun_Kline MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
VMontalvao MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
slightwv MS SQL Server 2008 Master
VikasMGarg MS SQL Server 2008 Master
GaryC123 MySQL Server Guru
breadtan Network Analysis Guru
skullnobrains Network Management Master
pergr Network Operations Master
rauenpc Network Operations Master
richrumble Network Security Guru
DaveHowe Network Security Master
pgm554 Networking Hardware Master
rauenpc Networking Protocols Master
TomasHelgi Oracle Database Master
breadtan OS Security Sage
vasilcho Outlook Guru
Kimputer Outlook Master
suriyaehnop Powershell Master
joewinograd Printers Guru
web_tracker Printers Master
slobaray Python Master
ste5an Query Syntax Master
pcelba Query Syntax Wizard
kevinhsieh Remote Access Master
strivoli SBS Small Business Server Master
xxdcmast SBS Small Business Server Master
GaryC123 Scripting Languages Guru
DaveBaldwin Scripting Languages Wizard
Razmus Server Hardware Master
Tintin Shell Scripting Genius
Qlemo Shell Scripting Guru
hgholt Spreadsheets Master
willlywilburwonka Telecommunications Guru
GlennLRay VB Script Master
TheLearnedOne VB Script Master
cgaliher Virtualization Guru
AndyAinscow Visual Basic.NET Guru
jmiller1979 Visual Basic.NET Master
xDJR1875 Visual Basic.NET Master
vmroyale VMware Master
ve3ofa VPN Master
DavisMcCarn Vulnerabilities Master
thinkpads_user Vulnerabilities Master
MASQUERAID Web Browsers Master
GaryC123 Web Components Master
logudotcom Web Languages/Standards Guru
mccarl Web Services Master
dtodd Windows 2003 Server Master
Spike99 Windows 2003 Server Master
RobWill Windows 7 Guru
JDettman Windows 7 Master
McKnife Windows 8 Sage
DanCraciun Windows OS Master
Michael-Best Windows OS Master
cgaliher Windows Server 2008 Genius
aarontomosky Windows Server 2008 Guru
cmsxpjh Windows Server 2008 Master
noxcho Windows Server 2008 Wizard
radhakrishnan2007 Windows Server 2008 Wizard
Tony1044 Windows Server 2008 Wizard
irweazelwallis Windows Server 2012 Master
spaperov Windows Server 2012 Master
tzucker Windows XP Master
tommyBoy WordPress Master
Ray_Paseur WordPress Wizard