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Understanding the difference between pixels and dots per inch was what sheana11 was trying to do, and padas explained it for her: Thank you, Padas, for your detailed explanation and help. Your answer is the reason I’m a member of Experts-Exchange! Thanks again.

DatabaseDek was having some issues with what he thought was a slow server, but LSMConsulting got him pointed in the right direction: Thank you. I must say that I sometimes don’t use Experts Exchange for months on end, but when I do, oh boy, do I get my money’s worth!

wordtec000 is on a trial membership at EE, so it wasn’t surprising that her first question — about converting a proprietary audio file to a more common format — got asked in the Community Support topic area. She got some hints fromNetminder, and when she asked it again in the multimedia topic areas, he sent out notes to some Experts to help.MASQUERAIDMereteericpete and especially joewinograd gave her a lot of ideas so she was able to get started: Next time I run into another challenging issue, this will be my go to source for help. I’ve already shared info about this site with my personal and business Facebook page as well. I wish I would have known about Experts-Exchange a long time ago, you all would have probably saved me from having a lot of headaches and stress. Thank you so much, you provide an valuable service!

But it didn’t end there; wordtec000 went back to her original question and let Netminder know how it all worked out:

This is a great site and I can’t thank you enough for getting me the help I needed to figure these files out. I was pleasantly surprised how quick people stepped up to help and take on the challenge, which it definitely was. Even after I tuckered out at 1 am last night, they were still coming up with ideas and then started again at 7 this morning. Incredible.I don’t have issues with my system very often that I can’t eventually figure out, but this was one that the options needed to be explored. We did get a solution, maybe not exactly what I was aiming for, but a solution nonetheless and I now have a few hours of the files copied and converted. That is a success as far as I’m concerned.I’ve already told a few people about your site, techies and non-techies and I will also make a post on my Facebook page. I will then make another post on my business Facebook page and steer people in your direction.

Since it isn’t often that I do have any issues, I’ll do the trial for now, but when I do come back with another issue, I will subscribe for sure. There is a wealth of knowledge and help here for people who have computer issues and now I know where I will go first, the next time I run into a problem. (When it does happen, it’s always like at 5:00 on a Friday.).

You have great people here. It was a very enjoyable experience and certainly great advice and tools to help. I appreciate you helping me and pointing me in the right direction in the beginning as well. I really didn’t know where to begin.

Just to let you know, after my trial subscription, I do believe I will be continuing on with a subscription. I think it will help me save a lot of time and money in the long run, when I can utilize the experts to help me, instead of having to bug my usual computer person. I have to look around the site when I have time, to see if I can get some insight into a few other issues or recommendations on computer things. So thank you again!