Expand Your Tech Professionals Network with Member Search */?> Expand Your Tech Professionals Network with Member Search

Posted by · June 19, 2014 5:50 pm

It's great to see our creation coming togetherStarting today, with the launch of the new Member Search function, Experts Exchange is making it easier than ever for members to find peers, former colleagues, potential contractors and industry friends.

The powerful Member Search function enables fast, easy and targeted searches of the entire Experts Exchange Network based on extensive search criteria. With search you can FIND and BE FOUND by other Experts Exchange members, outside of question threads, enabling you to create valuable relationships to power your tech career.

FIND Experts

Whether you are looking to collaborate with peers, share knowledge with trusted tech professionals, hire employees or project consultants, Member Search helps you find the technology professional with the expertise and background you are looking for.

Several unique features of the new Member Search function make connecting with others on Experts Exchange easy and efficient:

  • Search Refinement: Easily discover peers using relevant search refinement tools to search members by username, location, certifications, work experience, language or educational background.
  • Viewing Options: Choose between “Basic” and “Detailed” viewing options on member search results pages, and sort members by relevance, registration date, name, points and expert certifications.
  • Expert Alerts: Create “Expert Alerts” that notify you when a new profile is added that matches your saved search criteria.
  • Mobile Search: Search for members on your mobile device to help you find the professional help you need, even if you’re away from your desk.

The Experts Exchange Network provides you with access to Experts in most technologies. Now with Member Search, you have the tools to find the right match for your next project, or to get connected with leaders and peers in your field of interest.

BE FOUND by Experts

The new Member Search feature helps you get discovered based on the accomplishments, certifications, and other career highlights you’ve provided on your Profile Page. Through search, other members are now able to find and contact you with relevant employment  or collaboration opportunities. Be sure to complete your Experts Exchange Profile to open yourself up to this helpful technology networking experience.

How does your Profile appear to others? Check to be sure your name ranks well in a search of Experts in your area of expertise. If your profile doesn’t appear, visit your Profile Page to update your Profile with detail such as certifications, location and education. Having a complete Experts Exchange Profile will ensure other members quickly find you and make you stand out in your areas of specialty.

Need help using the new Member Search? No problem. Visit the Member Search support site!