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New Genius: gowflow is the thirtieth member of Experts Exchange to earn a Genius certificate in the Excel topic area.


  • angelIII has earned 3,000,000 points in six different topic areas, most recently in PHP; no other member has earned 3,000,000 points in more than four topic areas.
  • Ray_Paseur has become the first member of Experts Exchange to earn 16,000,000 points in PHP.
  • We neglected to note, in our last issue, that TheLearnedOne has earned over 7,000,000 points in the .NET topic area.
  • CodeCruiser has earned 13,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • slightwv has reached the 9,000,000 point level.
  • Qlemo has earned 6,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • Sembee2 has earned 4,000,000 points in the Exchange Server topic area.
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
kalpesh2804 .NET Programming Guru
padas .NET Programming Master
MaheshPM Active Directory Guru
Spec01 Active Directory Sage
EdTechy Apple Networking Master
dale_burrell ASP Master
ValentinoV ASP.NET Master
craigbeck Broadband Master
thinkpads_user Displays / Monitors Master
Qlemo Exchange Guru
vasilcho Exchange Guru
WORKS2011 Exchange Guru
acrab HTML Master
Santasi24 iPhone Master
padas Jquery Wizard
amit_n_panchal JSP Guru
Sandeep_Agarwal_ Linux Master
Mazdajai Linux Networking Master
gerwinjansen Linux OS Dev Master
BillDL Microsoft OS Guru
spaperov Microsoft OS Master
totallytonto Misc Networking Master
diverseit Misc Networking Wizard
dragon-it Misc Networking Wizard
byundt MS Access Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Applications Guru
MINDSUPERB MS Applications Master
RainerJ MS Development Guru
jimpen MS Development Master
lionelmm MS DOS Master
gowflow MS Excel Genius
regmigrant MS Excel Guru
ThinkSpaceSolutions MS Excel Guru
Eirman MS Excel Master
scott MS Office Guru
BobHavertyComh MS SharePoint Guru
kaufmed MS SQL Server Guru
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Tony303 MS SQL Server Guru
jacko72 MS SQL Server 2005 Guru
spaperov MS Virtual Server Wizard
Ray_Paseur MySQL Server Ace
arnold Network Operations Master
jjmck Outlook Sage
OmniUnlimited PHP Guru
senthurpandian PHP Master
DaveBaldwin Prog Languages Master
Neo_jarvis Query Syntax Master
sammySeltzer Query Syntax Master
breadtan Routers Master
thinkpads_user Routers Wizard
gcoltharp Small Business Server Master
NRhode Small Business Server Master
Qlemo Small Business Server Master
Spec01 Small Business Server Master
pony10us Switches / Hubs Master
aadih Technical Writing Guru
Pepe2323 Unix OS Master
compdigit44 Virtualization Master
buttersk Visual Basic Classic Master
padas Visual Basic Classic Master
guru_sami Visual Basic.NET Sage
Ark Visual Basic.NET Wizard
compdigit44 VMware Guru
Abhilashhb VMware Master
Phonebuff Voice Over IP Guru
Soulja VPN Master
jhyiesla Web Browsers Master
TerryAtOpus Web Languages/Standards Master
Darr247 Windows 7 Wizard
dkotte Windows Server 2008 Guru
e_aravind Windows Server 2008 Guru
ryanmccauley Windows Server 2008 Guru
sekarc4u Windows Server 2008 Guru
a-Jaleel Windows Server 2008 Master

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