Milestones: February 5, 2014 */?> Milestones: February 5, 2014

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New Aces: Ray_Paseur third career Ace certificate is in MySQL. woolmilkporc has earned his second in Linux. Earning his first, in Small Business Server was chaliher.

New Genius: Qlemo has earned his first Genius certificate, in Powershell.

My First Million: Experts Exchange members who reached the 1,000,000 point level in January were olafdc, marqusG and gowflow.


  • capricorn1 has earned 26,000,000 points since joining Experts Exchange.
  • TheLearnedOne has become the first member of Experts Exchange to earn 5,000,000 points in each of three topic areas: .NET, VB.NET and ASP.NET.
  • hanccocka has earned 13,000,000 points in VMware.
  • leakim971 has earned 12,000,000 points since joining EE.
  • Somewhere along the way, we neglected to note that oBdA has earned five Genius certificates.
  • thinkpads_user is the 59th member of EE to earn 8,000,000 points.
  • mkline71 has earned 2,000,000 points or more in three topic areas, most recently Windows Server 2008.
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
becraig Active Directory Master
MrGraves Active Directory Master
lherrou Android Guru
xterm Apache Web Server Guru
logudotcom Apache Web Server Master
eoinosullivan Apple Hardware Sage
GaryC123 ASP.NET Guru
JamesBurger ASP.NET Guru
noci Email Protocols Master
Sembee2 Email Servers Sage
footech Exchange Guru
imkottees Exchange Guru
olafdc Exchange Guru
dsnegi_25dec Exchange Master
EEhotline Exchange Master
clonyxlro Exchange Sage
amatson78 Hardware Firewalls Master
Qlemo Hardware Firewalls Wizard
eoinosullivan iOS Master
Phonebuff IP Telephony Guru
fgasimzade IPSec Master
Gary_The_IT_Pro Java Master
Gary_The_IT_Pro Java App Servers Master
jyparask JavaScript Master
padas JavaScript Sage
McKnife Laptops/Notebooks Master
woolmilkporc Linux Ace
xterm Linux Wizard
giveandtake638 Microsoft OS Master
seth2740 Microsoft OS Master
Dzynit Misc Web Dev Master
aebea MS Access Master
mGozreh MS Access Master
Rgonzo1971 MS Access Master
pcelba MS Development Master
robberbaron MS Excel Sage
JDettman MS Office Guru
robhenson MS Office Guru
luconsta MS Office Master
ThinkSpaceSolutions MS Office Master
Sembee2 MS Server OS Guru
rawsteak MS SharePoint Master
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
Paul_Harris_Fusion MS SQL Server Master
PadawanDBA MS SQL Server 2008 Master
DrTribos MS Word Master
Ray_Paseur MySQL Server Ace
harbor235 Network Operations Guru
Soulja Networking Hardware Guru
DaveBaldwin Networking Hardware Master
donjohnston Networking Hardware Sage
Qlemo Networking Protocols Master
vasilcho Office 365 Wizard
leew OS Security Guru
MDMOJAHID Outlook Master
GaryC123 PHP Sage
Qlemo Powershell Genius
footech Powershell Sage
Infamus Routers Master
Darr247 Routers Sage
doades Ruby Guru
cgaliher Small Business Server Ace
tagit Scripting Languages Guru
kode99 Telecommunications Guru
Rgonzo1971 VB Script Master
robhenson VB Script Master
AkilaPalanimuthu Visual Basic.NET Master
MacroShadow Visual Basic.NET Master
arnold Voice Over IP Master
willlywilburwonka Voice Over IP Sage
DaveBaldwin Web Applications Master
Ray_Paseur Web Frameworks Guru
girionis Web Languages/Standards Master
MaheshPM Windows 2003 Server Master
seth2740 Windows 7 Master
MASQUERAID Windows 7 Wizard
ve3ofa Windows 8 Guru
McKnife Windows 8 Wizard
DanCh99 Windows OS Master
irweazelwallis Windows Server 2008 Guru
MaheshPM Windows Server 2008 Guru
craigbeck Wireless Hardware Sage
smckeown777 Wireless Networking Master
padas WordPress Master
Dzynit WordPress Wizard

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