Milestones: March 19, 2014 */?> Milestones: March 19, 2014

Posted by · March 19, 2014 2:24 pm
  • CEHJ has become the 16th member of EE to reach 14,000,000 points overall.
  • By reaching 5,000,000 points since joining EE, barryhoudini has reduced to four the number of people in the Hall of Fame with under that total.
Expert In Topic Area Certificate
ve3ofa .NET Programming Wizard
busbar Active Directory Guru
virastar Active Directory Master
TechSoEasy Active Directory Wizard
BillDL Anti-Virus Apps Master
dbrunton Anti-Virus Apps Master
gmbaxter Apple OS Master
jason1178 ASP.NET Master
ScottPletcher ASP.NET Master
rindi Backup / Restore Genius
TechSoEasy Backup / Restore Guru
breadtan Cisco PIX/ASA Master
joewinograd Components Master
craigbeck DHCP Master
breadtan Digital Forensics Sage
andyalder Disaster Recovery Guru
MaheshPM DNS Master
skullnobrains DNS Master
ve3ofa DNS Master
DaveHowe Email Software Master
thinkpads_user Email Software Master
hecgomrec Exchange Master
davorin Exchange Sage
mkline71 Exchange Wizard
henkva Hardware Firewalls Master
tagit HTML Wizard
Sar1973 JavaScript Guru
GaryC123 Jquery Sage
mccarl JSP Guru
seth2740 Linux Guru
cgaliher Microsoft OS Guru
DanCraciun Microsoft OS Master
TommySzalapski Misc Databases Master
Akinsd Misc Networking Master
dlethe Misc Networking Master
Qlemo Misc Programming Guru
mrwad99 Misc Programming Master
merowinger Misc Software Master
matthewstevenkelly Misc Web Dev Master
PatHartman MS Access Wizard
rikin_shah MS Dynamics Guru
robhenson MS Excel Genius
DanCh99 MS Excel Master
itjockey MS Excel Master
andyalder MS Server OS Guru
McKnife MS Server OS Guru
marek1712 MS Server OS Master
xBouchardx MS Server OS Master
cgaliher MS Server OS Sage
cgaliher MS SharePoint Master
fyed MS SharePoint Master
Nicobo MS SQL Server Guru
John_Vidmar MS SQL Server Master
angelIII MS SQL Server 2008 Ace
ACH1LLES MS SQL Server 2008 Guru
John_Vidmar MS SQL Server 2008 Master
als315 MS Word Master
DanCraciun MySQL Server Master
FishMonger MySQL Server Master
breadtan Network Design & Methodology Master
ve3ofa Network Management Master
_jesper_ Networking Hardware Master
TechSoEasy Office 365 Master
jcimarron OS Security Master
acbrown2010 Outlook Guru
Ahmed786 Outlook Master
eoinosullivan Outlook Master
diverseit Outlook Wizard
Darr247 Personal Electronics Master
DanCraciun PHP Master
gheist PHP Master
jimpen Query Syntax Guru
arnold Scripting Languages Master
CodeCruiser SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
RainerJ SSRS SQL Reporting Svc Master
PowerEdgeTech Storage Wizard
slightwv Unix OS Wizard
Rgonzo1971 Visual Basic Classic Master
Abhilashhb VMware Guru
SagiEDoc VMware Master
henkva VPN Master
McKnife Web Browsers Master
kaufmed Web Services Master
carl_tawn Web Services and WCF Master
dlethe Windows 2003 Server Wizard
dbrunton Windows 7 Guru
billprew Windows Batch Genius
BillBach Windows Networking Master
Firebar Windows OS Master
mtz1of4 Windows OS Master
tailoreddigital Windows OS Master
ve3ofa Windows Server 2008 Genius
dtodd Windows Server 2008 Master
manjusullad Windows Server 2008 Master
serialband Windows Server 2008 Master
MaheshPM Windows Server 2008 Wizard
aarontomosky Wireless Hardware Master
craigbeck Wireless Networking Genius