Need an Energy Boost?

Posted by · November 7, 2011 6:27 am

Need An Energy Boost?

It’s 3 pm: you’re staring at your computer screen, no movement except your drooping eyes.  Your creativity is gone, you’re lethargic, irritable, and you need to recharge fast. Time for some caffeine, right? In our recent survey of technology professionals, 61% said they indulge in some form of caffeine throughout the day, with more than 53% relying on coffee.  This is on par with a statistic that about 150 million Americans drink coffee (drip and specialty), which represents about 49% of the American population. Average Americans that Drink Coffee

In the modern office, most of us are at a desk all day long, so it’s easy to just go for a cup of coffee or energy drink.  And understandably so: based on caffeine content per ounce, these products provide a quick jolt of energy. But is caffeine the right answer for an energy boost?

Caffeine By The Ounce

What goes up must come down, and sometimes crashing down hard.  A caffeine crash can leave you worse off than you were before you got your fix.  This infographic provides a closer look at caffeine and some alternatives to consider for your afternoon bump.

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